Critter Humor

Look, see the little ant crossing the road.
He’s just trying to make it home.
Watch out for the big car, little bug.
It’s hard to make it on your own.
The food is on one side,
yet your home is on the other.
You’re just trying to transport your food
to support your little brother.
Watch out, another car is coming.
It’s going kind of fast.
Will you make it across the road?
How long will your food last?
Well I’ve got to go now,
but I hope you will survive.
You may not be a human being,
but you are still alive.
Say hello to your little brother,
and take care of yourself.
If you ever need me and can find me,
I’ll be ready to help.

4-25-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)