Experiencing and Enjoying Campus Life

God, I want to thank you for the privilege of going to college.
Here at Montreat I’m not just attending college, I’m experiencing college.
I am enjoying college.
I enjoyed A-B Tech as well and I thank you for my degree.
Yet that was more of an adult education based atmosphere.
It was mostly adults going back to school to make better money for their families they were already raising on salaries that were not making it.
There was no time for socializing really.
There were no dorms to stay in.
No one would ever have time to stay away from home or work long enough.
They were lucky to find time to show up for classes on the days they did.
Montreat has been a struggle for me at times because of that difference,
But the overall Christian fellowship has given me more of an education than I could have imagined.
Spending time on campus has really made things easier.
My dorm room has been a true blessing.
When I know I need to study, but being here so early is the challenge, it makes the biggest difference to kiss my son goodnight, leave him with my parents, drive on out and study, go to bed, get up, and walk to class.
The drive alone would have been 2 hours sleep lost.

When I time between classes, I am blessed to have a personal space to study alone.
And it’s not just a classroom. It is “my” room.
Life on campus is just like they portray it on television.
I would have never thought I would be doing this.
Though there are a fair share of challenges involved, campus life is so fun.
So many lives have “left home” to pour their hearts on their dreams.
Some are just searching for who they are.
And many are just following the rules of life.
So many faces, dreams, backgrounds, futures, and wonderfully unique personalities.
And the most wonderful thing about Montreat for me is that Christ is so in the center of the school, the classes, classwork, students, and almost everything.
I thank You, God, for such a wonderful blessing.
You are truly amazing.
I am so glad you had led me here.
And I am so glad I followed you.
I just pray that I serve you in what way
You have planned for me to serve you through this blessing.
Praise You for who You are. Praise You for Your love.
Jesus, I serve with love and obedience.

12-11-98 Friday
written by Gail Brookshire

Welcome Fellow Freshmen

Welcome fellow freshmen,
I’m really glad to meet you.
And as you journey through these halls,
I really hope to greet you.
You may have a lot to learn,
but trust me, that’s okay.
This may be my second year,
but I learn more every day.
It’s really hard adjusting to
a very chaotic pace,
but in the end you’ll win the race
standing in first place.
Your future’s on a roulette wheel.
You’re gambling on every grade.
But when you have succeeded,
you’ll see it was worth the effort you made.

1992 Written by Gail Brookshire
(published in Expressions, Sept.1, 1992 Issue, Front page)
(by the grace of God)