The Little Man of God Heaven Gave Me

My son, my beautiful, gorgeous son,

The little man of God which heaven gifted me with,

You are an angel to which I feel entrusted.

From conception you have been an answer to prayer.

How much I wanted you and for how long

Before you actually came along, you will never know.

Each morning that I awaken I thank God for you.

You put up with so much,

From school taking up my time,

To homework stealing ours,

And all the last minute cancellations.

You are so loving and understanding for a child so young.

You are wise and forgiving in the ways God allows for you to be.

You’ve been such a man at times when you’ve seen me experience heartbreak.

The little arms that have always comforted me,

Do so even now with such patient words.

God gives a lot of people children.

But I thank Him for sharing with me one of His most precious.

You carry the love of Christ in your heart.


12-25-1998 Friday, Christmas
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my 10 year old son Anthoni Brookshire
As his Christmas Poem for his present.

It’s a Gift To Be Your Friend

Friends and homes are hard to come by,

Yet so wonderfully belong together.

Searching for either can lead us astray,

Or it can lead us to loving hearts.

Thank God that Jesus goes with us

No matter which place we find.

When you are down, He is there to cheer you up.

When you are happy, He is there to share in your joy.

And whether you have friends or find moments alone,

It is the greatest feeling to know He loves you always.

I pray that you know Jesus is your friend,

And that you are always welcome in His home.

Meanwhile, God allows people like me the privilege

To be your friend and welcome you into my home.

What a gift for me to have been allowed to know such a friend.

I thank Him for the honor.

Please feel free to be my friend

In my heart, home, or anywhere… any time.


12-25-1998 Friday, Christmas
For My friend Eric Jones
As his Christmas Poem as his present

My Older Brother Is Love That Forgives

Oh my dearest Big Brother, how do I express my thanks?

You have countlessly been there for me, when I have countlessly let you down.

You have saved me from so much trouble that God has seen you could help me with.

You are always there for our family, and my son thinks of you as one of his many heroes.

How precious you are to my life.

So many times I fall short of giving you some kind of love in return,

And then I am comforted by the reassuring words of the very person I am speaking of.

Life throws so much at you and I, and to all of those around us.

I praise God that we have each other and that I will always know your love for me is genuine.

People who love each other tend to hurt one another,

But your loving heart has always reminded me… love forgives.

Thank you, Big Brother, for all that God allows you to be for me and my son.

It’s more than you could ever imagine.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my brother William Nathan Brookshire
As his Christmas poem present.