Along the wire, I sent a message
To let you know a secret.
Yet as quickly as you would learn it,
You would soon forget it.
I said it a million times,
I consider you my friend.
I guess as many times as I say it,
You will never comprehend.
There are no words from you to say,
That you did not care.
But there also were not any to say
That you’d be there.

Written by Gail Brookshire

On Duty

Out in those battlefields
are soldiers for Your cause.
So many are scattered
to carry their cross.
Whether in an actual military
or on a “field” trip,
they are reaching the lost
among the fellowship.
telling their story
by telling Yours,
while praying for You
to open hearts and doors.
Joy in the crowns
they gain for You,
to be laid at Your feet,
and celebrated too.
Be with Your soldiers
wherever they are.
Help them fight Your battle
and win Your war.

7-13-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: All those from NAB on Mission Trips to Alaska and NY,
and all those serving Him now!
(NAB is now known as Brookstone Church and has 2 campuses)