Oh God, My God

Oh God, my God,
As I sit and feel such weariness,
I remember You are my strength.
My uncleanliness…
Is Your cleansing
My weakness…
Is Your saving,
My iniquity…
Is Your forgiveness,
And most of all…
When I think of it all together,
I’m reminded I’m only human.
Only You are the perfect one in every way.
You even restore me with…
Security and peacefulness!
Thank You, my Lord!
For just being You!

1-16-1987 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire


A word of many things.
Such sorrowness…
Yet such compassion…
Deep despair…
Yet a time of happiness…
Missing a love one…
Or of one so near to the heart.
Grateful for the end of the suffering
For those going home.
One thing for sure…
Yet, it too, can be a misunderstanding
Of the Lord’s purposes.
The only word to really describe death..
Is death itself.
Oh Lord, help us to understand.

1-16-1987 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Trying to Remain Serene

In valued time, I grew in maturity.
And now they are all so sure of me.
They think they know me so well,
But as one cliche says, time will tell.
My heart is strong, I’ve learned through the years.
So why do they want int it now, I alone shed the tears.
They say I have a lot of pain, I have good sense.
All the hurt made me healthy, it gave me experience.
To tell dishonesty from the depth of truth.
The love I’ve had and will need is in my youth.
God is the only love or need I entice.
I can only share a little more to be nice.
I must keep my sanity and remain serene.
And if they’ll leave me alone, my pain can’t be seen.

10-3-1986 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Living In Fear and Hope

Today, tomorrow, who knows when
This world will yet come to an end.
Living in fear of life itself is enough.
But to worry about fire, storms, and war is tough.
Does anybody care about life at the least?
Doesn’t anybody want to live in peace?
I know I do, cause I want to see the sun.
Of all the pain love brought, I want to find the fun.
The joy of waking in his arms each day.
And when I’m upset, a soft voice to say, “It’s ok.”
To see the day when we join together,
And tell the whole world we are forever.
To see the beautiful children we will create.
To see all that would be just great.
I want to see what I can make of my life,
Knowing I had to be extremely careful with each strife.
So if you’re listening to me, tell me what you feel.
And if you feel the same, tell me something real.

4-16-1986 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: our country being at war