Oh Taste and See

Rain trickles down the window pane.
The glass reveals the storm.
The misty clouds drop their blessings
Where the dry ground began to form.
The flowers tilt underneath the weight
Of the life giving moisture,
Yet when the rays of life return
They will regain their posture.
Birds are hidden away for shelter,
Some tucked underneath their set of wings.
Their bird baths are being generously filled,
And soon they will again sing.
The children run and play in the puddles,
And tilt their heads back to taste and see
Oh how good and faithful
The Lord is to you and me.

1.30.2020 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Psalm 34:8
“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”

In a World of Their Own

Someone lies alone. Alone in a room, and in a world of their own.
Actually, it is the real world,
But it feels like everyone else does not seem to be aware of it.
There are so many who believe that the laws don’t apply the same to them…
The waiting in line, waiting a turn, or even simple rules of nature.
“What does it take to get their attention?” one questions within.
“They need so badly to wake up and smell the coffee, or rather the pollution.”
Life is not just a toy we can play with. Although, many do.
“Why is it so necessary to risk death to feel alive?”
These answers belong to others,
Yet most of us feel so compelled to worry for them.
They sure don’t contemplate the consequences themselves.
Whether they are taking chances of endangering others or not.
Being selfish is such a twentieth century characteristic.
But who really cares, right?

We’ve been preaching for so long that it doesn’t matter what others think of us,
That just because one person may think something is wrong doesn’t mean they’re right,
That what we believe as individuals is right if we see it to be so in our frame of mind,
Mostly because of the most important principle we teach…
Everyone has a right to be different and live the way they believe.
And when someone makes the point…
That just because an individual may see armed robbery as the only way to make a living,
Doesn’t mean that he should be allowed to do so,
The “freedom” fighters quickly retreat with “You’re taking it too far.”
We are suddenly using a childish tactic to gain popularity,
Or just to win an argument.
Where does it say that in order for an individual to have the right of religion,
Others should be made to shut up,
Or that schools should be forced to teach only one side of our history and life,
To avoid the conflicting side?

Can one not take on the complete job of parenthood,
And accept that it is their responsibility to teach a child on whatever he may question,
Without assuming that it is the world’s responsibility to know
That one prefers their child to be kept in the dark, isolated,
Or in control of others rights’ to freedom of speech to preserve their own?
Children do not grow to be a rumor that they hear,
Or develop on what they study alone.
It takes influence, smeone being involved, and sound teaching.
You can’t get any more involved than being a parent.
When one feels like they’re not involved enough with the fight,
Maybe they should make sure they are involved enough in the child’s life.
Most importantly, they could put more trust into their children
And into the teaching they give them.
Because in the end, that is what makes the difference…
What the children choose to do with the teachings you give them.
THE CHILDREN will make that decision alone!

5-16-1996 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. I wrote this so long ago, do not ask me what I was saying,
Nor who I was speaking to. Naturally, I would know even less now.

Vile Reality

Vile… it’s all so vile.
Life, love, and reality.
Instruction for the children,
“Vile you shall be.”
Mr. Webster describes you as morally despicable,
physically repulsive,
of little worth,
utterly bad or contemptible.
Learn now what you are
and what’s to be.
Vile is your soul,
I shall help you see.
“But isn’t vile
something one doesn’t like?
I don’t like what you do.
It’s not nice.”
There’s a lot of things I don’t like,
but life is not fair.
Be a nice child.
Learn how to share.
Vile are the role models
that model the children’s souls.
Vile therefore are the futures.
Vile therefore the goals.

7-10-01 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Stop The Ones Gone Mad

Four children in a home, violence overwhelming.
Strangers passing through, taking what they’re selling.
Flesh of innocence is invaded to satisfy the trash.
Parents aren’t of any help. They have too much to stash.
Locked in other doors in a home full of tears,
they’re taught to be as bad to understand their fears.

Home, someday, they finally came, but no one changed the scene.
Worse it got to be a child. The world was still so mean.
Teenage years… rebellion came, the young ones learn to fight.
And though they needed someone to trust, hurting everyone made things right.
School was such a drag at times, but came to be the key
to help them understand enough to let themselves be.

Now it’s all so many years that they have seen such crimes.
For growing into young adults was the way to escape the times.
Only through the love of God and the people he chose to send,
were the children able to survive and escape the heartache that will never mend.
So try to understand the note this little message has.
When your children are being abused, stop the ones gone mad!

11-25-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Through the Years

Through the good and through the bad,
our share of troubles we’ve had.
Yet, somehow we lay here tonight
and everything seems to be alright.
When the sun comes up and shines,
I want you to say that you’re mine.
And when we are together years ahead,
we will be glad that we were wed.

9-24-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS. Written for Dawn’s book

The Cool Comfort

I feel as if I’m living the life of sand on a beach, on the sunniest days. Everyone is sweating from the heat they feel all over. Their one desire is to hit the water. As they descend from their clothing, they think of nothing but themselves yearning, caring not who they may hurt. There is not even one thought of hurting someone. When all along, I lay there just as hot as they are… burning inside. I cannot run, nor swim within the ocean. I cannot release my heat, flaming at its highest. And the water is only there to tease me, just a taste of comfort for my edges, my so called shores. Yet, it’s there for my protection.
All come forward… racing, running for the water… “The Cool comfort”. Trampling with their feet, they come to my rescue. Shadowing the bright hot rays of the sun… with their bodies, their towels, the things they bring for amusement. I’m relieved of the heat by their abuse. They think nothing of me, except maybe a world of pleasure, which is really a deception on my part. They are really in love with the water, at least for the time being, for their pleasure. The only thing I find refreshing are the children who mold me into sandcastles, bringing me the water to sink within my soil, a chance to live another life. I make them smile, make them laugh. Yet, soon they forget their dream and tear my walls down.
Soon, all will leave, all by the thousands, trampling again my molded edge. Yet, though it may seem they are releasing me from such a long day of torture, they are abandoning me, leaving me alone, to be a victim once again to the sun, and in fear that the ocean may attack with its mighty roaring waves, washing away my memories of the children. As it is, maybe that is all I’m left to dream for, the cool pleasure of relief from the rays with the flow of the ocean.
My paradise will forever be the moonlit nights, when the stars shine so elegantly within the ocean view. Together, we are all as one… the perfect dream for all to yearn. And that my friend, is all we will ever be… your dream.

4-10-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)