Trapped Inside a Writer

She’s a writer, but she’s trapped inside.
She wants to get out, but it all just hides.
Her feelings are her emotions, but her emotions her feelings.
She can’t just forget them, they’re still healing.
What she can’t share, she wants to so much.
But she’s so afraid of that painful touch.
What if she didn’t survive? What if she couldn’t make it?
What if her heart was broken, she just couldn’t take it?
She would hurt. She would die.
Just to let you in, she could cry.
It’s such a risk to take the chance.
She’s so in love, but afraid of romance.
What if she trusted you and then felt the pain?
The wedge of the knife would drive her insane.
Just give her time, she’ll someday speak.
She’s dying to share with you, but she’s just too weak.

3-26-1993 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Challenged Hearts

Save a tear for me
And wipe away my blood.
Only through my broken window,
Can I escape the flood.
Reach to the sphere above,
And avoid the careless fall.
When you feel the agony,
Do not try to call.
Nails of sand beneath my feet
Touching those at war.
Could you survive the destiny
We all have seen before?
Walk away and taste the sweat
Falling forth to speak.
Do not try to overcome.
You will always be too weak!

3-8-1991 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
God is my hero.

Lord of My Heart

Jesus is Lord of my heart.
I welcome Him in to stay.
He doesn’t have to wonder.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
He’s got the keys to every door.
He broke the locks and chains.
He cleaned out all the cobwebs.
Now only His love remains.
No clutter or junk.
Nor any untended scars.
He heals with His caring touch
And softens what was hard.
He’s no longer a visitor.
His home is where my heart is.
Every day He draws me nearer
To come and live in His.

9-21-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)


Life is filled with so much death.
God giveth and taketh away His breath.
So much joy, so much sorrow…
Yesterday always steals tomorrow.
Testimonies are made and broken.
Days are numbered, blessed, and stolen.
We cannot change what God decides.
We must step forward. We cannot hide.
Just like Adam, He calls our name
And takes no excuse for our blame game.
Consequences come from our actions.
Faithfulness comes from our passion.
Ready or not to believe, we must give.
In the end, He decides where we live.
He does not need nor ask permission.
He deserves and expects our complete submission.
We must not think too long or hard.
Death will come near or far.

8-23-08 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Sharing Life Among the Broken

Among strangers You meet me
just where I’m at
to remind me You’re with me,
in such a simple chat.
A simple chat
that is so profound,
You remind the lost
they have been found.
You send a message
in a spoken word.
Your Spirit ensures
that it is heard.
You serve the vessel,
and have the vessel serve.
You calm the restless,
and utilize the verve.
Chosen serving the lowly.
Lowly serving Your chosen.
Sharing the life
among the broken.

7-17-15 written by Gail Brookshire

Sucker Punched by Life

Her spirit lay crushed on top of those steps
along with her very weakened legs.
Her struggle to find anything to hold
was as hard as it was to breathe in such cold.
Trauma and pain became very good friends
reducing her to such hopeless ends.
God sent two soldiers to hold her up.
They were so kind while being so tough.
Inside, they helped her to reach her goal.
The whole ordeal had taken its toll.
In anguish she sobbed. In shame she cried.
Her words of resignation she could not hide.
How broken she is and defeated as well
by the very knees that weakened and fell.

2015 written by Gail Brookshire
For my mom (Brenda King) who fell today.
She is so broken! 😦 Jesus, please help her. Amen ❤
PS…. It has now been 2 years since this happened, and my mom passed the same year. This was such an incredibly horrible day for her. She had fallen up the steps and was stuck in a position to where my stepdad and I could not help her up. She had to lay like that till the emergency workers got her up and inside. She never wanted to go out anymore after this day, which helped her health deteriorate so much faster. I hated it for her then, and I still hate it for her now. Life shouldn’t have to be so humiliating.