A Trail of Words

A trail of words leading me.
My vision slightly impaired.
I know that you are leading me,
But I do not know where.
The words themselves are cloudy.
Sometimes distorting the view.
But I know they are instructed
To bring glory to You.
Words bring definition and clarity
To things uncertain.
But they’re meant to be a blessing,
Not a burden.
These words are words You’re giving me,
But come with a dose of patience.
I pray and listen,
And wait for Your Presence.

10.21.2020 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Cleanse My Unfaithful Pen

Do I still have Your permission?
Do I still have Your blessing?
Do I still have Your gift?
Even after all the misuse?
Even after all the waste?
I am sorry for anything I have ever
Written outside of Your will.
I am so sorry for writing
Anything that would disgrace Your name.
I am sorry for marring Your testimony.
You are so pure, so Holy, so righteous.
I am sorry for not always being
What You ask and expect of me.
I pray for Your mercy and grace.
I pray that You would cleanse me
And my unfaithful pen.
If You will allow me
To share of You,
To share for You,
And to share with You,
I would be honored and blessed.
Not because I am special,
But because Your mercy
Would once again testify
Of what a loving and forgiving God You are.

8-26-2005 Friday
Written By Gail Brookshire

Thank You, God, For Preserving Me

God, thank You for preserving me for a life
Where I can still have an opportunity to share the rest of my life
With someone who’ll ask me at the end of each day,
“Have you said your prayers today?”
“Done your daily devotional?”
“Maybe you just need to spend time with God.”
“Why don’t you just take a moment to bathe in the Holy Spirit?”
My husband can still be my friend and my spiritual strength.
No longer do I have to worry about, “Should I be in this relationship?”
I do not have to question, “Is it bad that he drinks occasionally?”
“Am I suffocating him with religion?”
“Does he think I talk about God too much?”
“Do I pressure him?”
Not only do I not have to worry about, “How will we ever end up in church together?”
I will be able to marry someone who will not want to miss church.
He will enjoy being in a room full of people who love and serve Christ.
Maybe even more than I do.
God’s music will not bore him or drive him out of the room
Because it will be the very music that comes out of his mouth,
That plays in his mind because it lives in his heart.
He loves to hear God’s glory given.
The bible will be something we cherish together.
We will grow together in it every day.
It will be our sword.
What a beautiful day when we write the names of our children
Into our own family bible.
My son will be his friend, and he will be a dad to my son.
We will make a great family
All because we will keep God as the Father to us all.
This family will stay together because this family will pray together.
Thank You, God, for preserving me for such a glorious honor and blessing.
I pray that Your will be done in me to make me
The godly wife, mother, and servant of God that You will have me to be.
Praise Your Holy name… In Jesus name, AMEN!

10-21-98 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

This Man of God

Faith flows through him.
Praises pour out.
He overflows with cheerfulness.
He prays without doubt.
A prayer warrior,
not quite like many.
He will find hope
where there is not any.
His lips overflow with song.
His heart shouts their words.
Even when he is silent,
his godly spirit can be heard.
This man of God
that God placed in my life.
Shines so bright
you’d never know his strife.
What a lesson and a blessing
he is to me.
What an example
he teaches me to be.

4-12-15 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Bobby King, my stepdad

My Gift is Yours

This writing You gave me years ago
has always been between just us,
but You have allowed it to bless others,
thereby glorifying the name of Jesus.
Many times You have been my friend
to come to with my problems in ink.
Many times You have rescued me
when my life convinced me I would sink.
Your words have always encouraged me first,
as I was always blessed to read first.
And then You have delightfully surprised me
when others have said it quenched their thirst.
A thirst for You and an encouraging word
to comfort their aching soul.
You have allowed this pen
to help You make others feel whole.
Thank You for sharing with me
and all those You’ve shared Yourself with.
To honor and glorify Your Holy name
is my ever prayerful wish.

2015 written by Gail Brookshire