The Price For Loving

Being deserted, it’s not so fun.
Being betrayed, it’s not so nice.
When people hurt you…
It really hurts.
Why do people want to hurt the people they love?
Could it be they don’t love them?
And if they don’t, how do they think they do?
Don’t they know it hurts to guess
When being wrong will crush someone else?
Don’t they know playing games will only get someone hurt?
Jesus… He was deserted.
He was betrayed.
Only He knows as well as anybody
The price of loving those who don’t love you.
He knows the brutal agony.
God… He’s the only way to love.
His loves comforts, protects, and endures.
Oh how I love the love of God.
It is my source of life.

10-16-18 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

In The Depths of Despair

A blood stain upon my clothes, leaves a clue behind that tells the world my knight in shining armor has plunged his lance into the weakness of my soul. I’m left to endure the agony of betrayal, the horrid of deception. I cannot stay upon my own feet. Weakening even more so, I am lifeless. I fall to the soil of the earth.

…Ah, and alas, the kiss, of the taste of the earth is far more refreshing than the air, I soon will no more breathe. Yet, within all the aching, I still yearn for the arms of my fallen hero. For what would I do in the after world of paradise, if I cannot even kiss my Roman warrior… good-bye

Oh… but then I am reminded by the pain from within my heart, the pain urging the blood to seep upon the soil, by which I am romanced by. It could only be that the ecstasy I once felt from my reigning Casanova, is now the depths of despair.

9-10-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS… I no longer think of a Roman Warrior as a hero now.
No one is mightier than my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Love is Christ focused.