Your Shining Hope

Yellow, orange, red.
All of different shades.
Green in many colors.
This is the beauty You’ve made.
The warmth, the brightness,
The presence of the sun
Makes me think of the day
Our Light will be Your Son.
The hum of the air.
The sound of the quiet.
Feeling like everything’s
Going to be alright.
These are the blessings
In moments You provide.
Even in chaos,
A beautiful way to hide.
Thank You for shining
A little of Your love my way.
A little bit of hope
Goes a very long way.

10.22.2020 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Faithfully Reassuring Love

This love that You have poured throughout my life,
Has been the wonder of every breath I take.
You desire so much good for me,
And lovingly watch every step I make.
You bring beauty to my life,
And to those You know I love.
You create signature creations
That clearly testify of You above.
You provide mercy to save me,
And grace to amaze me,
Arms to hold me,
And Your heart to embrace me.
So many wonders and miracles
To woo my heart to Yours,
To strengthen my faith
And to faithfully reassure.

11.13.19 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Trace of Jesus

A roar and a tumble,
The fear is setting in.
Jesus is walking the earth.
Soon the fear will end.
A peck and a drop,
The years are pouring down,
Jesus is washing the earth.
Soon the years won’t be found.
A flash and a stroke,
The beauty of its force.
Jesus is touching the earth.
Soon the beauty will emerge.
A flood and a storm,
The event has taken place.
Jesus was speaking to us.
Now the event has left a trace.

8-21-1990 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: the memory