The Light Was the Moment

The light was the moment that caught me,
Not the moment I caught the light.
It was so beautiful, so bright, there was suddenly
A feeling of the world being out of sight.
Memories, tragedies, and fantasies
Played with my mental friendliness.
These tear-jerking, once-in-a-lifetime moments
Reminding me of the best.
Hurt and pain was my fondest friend,
As it taught me so well and gave me support,
When love and care and honesty,
Were only the things that made me wonder what we’re here for.
It wasn’t a moment I could escape,
As I was smothered by the warmth and Vision.
The moment the light, had my heart and mind
Make that ultimate collision.

3-16-1994 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

A Poem to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This is a poem to my favorite poets…
Elizabeth Barrett Browning and God!
I owe you and God a great deal of gratitude,
For the inspiration.
You’ve give me beauty, love, and romance,
And a desire for my own writing creation.
Poetry, letters, and songs of praise
are the things I love to write.
Death, love, and sharing, as well as youth, dance, romance,
And the things the Proverbs and Psalms recite.
Thank you for giving me the gift and respiration,
And for the blessing of Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
Who I also thank for beautiful language
And inspirational love that
I would like to hope too,
will someday pass on generation after generation.
You both have had the greatest impact in my life,
And in my soul.
You’ll forever be the parts that make my poetry
Poetically and romantically whole.

Written by Gail Brookshire

Tenderness of God

God’s love is so miraculous.
It’s warming and beautiful within.
There’s nothing greater in the world
Than to remember it again and again.
Wonderful people are met each day
And loved for being themselves,
Simply because God is in them,
Providing them spiritual help.
Oh, if only you too were in love
With the tenderness of God.
Jesus would provide His blood
To avoid the day too hot.
God loves you,
And so much is offered through Him.
So open your heart to Jesus
And join in a praising hymn.

1-20-1992 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. I hope this made sense. It’s for God and you!
Hoping to bring you together!


Beautiful, that’s what this day is.
It’s more than any wish.
How could one not enjoy this treasure?
To one as I, it’s more than a pleasure.
If only I had a soul to share it with.
Only then, it would be greater than this.
For as the sun warms my soul,
I am lost in a world of gold.
There’s so much joy in finding peace.
My only wish is for it to never cease.
How wonderfully beautiful it is today.
How sad it is to know it will go away.
But while it’s here, I’ll enjoy every minute,
And cherish every beauty within it.

3-13-1990 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: What a beautiful day it truly is!!

Your Poetry

Dear Lord, I want to live in Your poetry.
Your words are so beautiful, so powerful…
And when You bless me with them,
I am overwhelmed.
When Your grace flows through my pen,
I am amazed that You would choose me.
I am in awe to be Your poet.
I thank You for that honor, that privilege.
I cherish the gift to share You with others.
May Your message reach those to whom You want.
I know they have touched me often.
Thank You, Father God.
Thank You.
“Your poetry” is still the greatest!
“Your written word” comforts us all!

4-14-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Blue Ridge Parkway

If you’ve ever been to Asheville,
be sure to see one place.
The Blue Ridge Parkway, in our town,
is full of God’s caring grace.
His hands have carefully selected colors
to beautifully highlight the trees,
just within the mountain’s crest.
Its something you should see.
A lot of kids take a cruise
upon the Blue Ridge Parkway.
For seeing this landmark of art
is far better than I can say.

9-24-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
My brother Charlie asked me to write this!

Unique Splendor

Your word and Your way
are so beautiful and unique.
You may share Your wisdom,
but not the glory of Your technique.
Heavens, earth, water, and land
are creations just from You.
No other man or god
could even try to do
the treasures in Your wind,
the lightnings with rain.
These are just a few splendors
that testify You reign.
Amaze, daze me,
keep me in awe of Your way.
I love to learn of You
and enjoy every precious day.

6-21-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Jeremiah 10