Glaring Love

Have you ever been pouring coffee
And found you missed the cup,
Hanged your head in frustration,
And swore you’re giving up?

Have you ever went to dress
And put your clothes on wrong,
Threw your hands up in the air,
And said you couldn’t carry on?

Have you ever tried to dial your house
And rang somebody else,
Slammed the phone down in anger,
And thought of seeking help?

Well this is just the phase I’m in
Over lingering on your love.
I’m blinded by the glare of it,
And feel like giving up.

So if you ever get a call
And no one says a thing,
I’m sorry, but I’m blinded again,
It’s hard remembering.

10-2-1990 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire


Death… just what is it?
To know you’ll never, never come back.
Never another night of laughter with a friend.
Never a chance to smile again.
Only placed in a wooden box
And buried beneath the dirt
For your body to rot.
Bugs crawl in and out of your body,
Eventually eating you.
Chewing and chewing away your hair,
Once kept so clean,
Becomes nonexistent,
And it’s a waste that you took care of it.
The feeling of dying
Without knowing what will happen in the future,
For if you do, it wouldn’t matter.
You’re not going to be here.
Death… it’s so scary!

Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Thank you Jesus for seeing me through hard times.
God is my hero!

I Don’t Want to Lose

Why are you so angry? I was saying what I feel.
Does it not matter to you that my feelings are real?
I just want things to be perfect, or at least somewhere near.
As many times as I say it, it never seems to be clear.
My darling, I would die if your love I ever lost.
When it comes to living life, without you I could not.
You never seem to understand why I say I care.
And when your troubles get you down, I always want to be there.
All the words within my heart could never be enough
to make you somehow see I don’t want to lose your love.

3-23-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS… Written at the request of a friend

How Dare You!

How dare you show me life only to dangle it in front of me.
How dare you steal the time from me that you complain about.
I am so filled with anger at your insensitivity and rudeness.
You only care that life has not yet taken me out.
You preach and pretend to seek what’s best,
But it’s only if what’s convenient for you.
If it doesn’t fit your protocol, timing, or understanding,
You give up and I am through.
You cruel and selfish degree.
You rob life and health from me.
It’s easy to blame someone else
For what you can’t or won’t help.
Your patience, your time, even your passion
Are no match for my anxiety against your compassion.
How dare you show me life.
How dare you dangle it in front of the dying.
What do you care at the end of the day,
As long as you don’t have to see me crying?
Well you’ll get your wish soon enough.
Death will show it’s stronger than you.
Then back to life you go, as I disappear.
Isn’t that what you always do?

12-15-16 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: One of my doctors