Walking Along With God

Down a road I chose to take,
I walked along with God.
This journey I would make
Walking along with God.
I came upon a troubled path,
Walking along with God.
I turned away from the faith I had
Walking along with God.
And as I felt ashamed of myself,
Walking along with God.,
He sent His angels to bring me help,
Walking along with God.
They aided me through my pain,
Walking along with God.
Oh, the comfort I would gain,
Walking along with God.
They would turn to me and smile,
Walking along with God.
They were pleasant all the while
Walking along with God.
Leading me through the church yard,
Walking along with God.
I was led to a loving heart,
Walking along with God.
I felt as though I was being told,
Walking along with God.
Even in weakness, it’s you I’ll hold,
Walking along with God.
Why did He excuse my childish act,
Walking along with God?
Because that is where love is really at.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: In thought of God’s miraculous mercy and love,
And the angels He brought to me.

Things I’ve Heard While Reading You

Chariots, horses, and oxen too,
things I’ve heard while reading You.
Flowers, gardens, and vineyards grow,
each with a parable to learn and know.
Giants, ghosts, and angels who fly
make me want to know how and why.
A virgin, a carpenter, and a coming king
makes one want to hear the angels sing.
The wine, the dove, and a brother out of the grave
makes one glad He came to save.
The sweat, the cross, and the betrayal of friends,
Lord willing, makes one want to repent.

9-21-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Hold Onto Me, Lord

I struggle God and only you can hear.
Only you care when I shed a tear.
Yet even then, you urge I prevail.
You must insist I cannot fail.
Yet when a failure I feel I must be,
You send an angel to comfort me.
Day after day escapes my life,
Yet you seem to enjoy my strife.
Just when the load is heaviest to bear,
I find you have taken what’s no longer there.
Hold onto me, Lord, as I’m so weak.
You are the only one who knows I seek.

6-12-01 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

You Send Me What I Need

Me and You have been doing this a long time now,
Walking through this thing called life.
Before I even knew that I was alive,
You were already saving me from my strife.
You knew the things that would pull at me,
And the things I would cause myself.
Yet instead of throwing Your hands up,
You lovingly stretched them out to help.
You placed Your hedge about me
And only allowed that which brought gain.
Only to protect me and strengthen me,
Would You ever allow any pain.
Yet even in those troubled times
You were faithful to abide.
I may have felt loneliness,
But You were always by my side.
You’re the Savior who met me on my knees.
You’re the Savior who suffered on His own.
And as Your Father sent You Simon and angels,
You send me what I need to carry on.

6-27-15 written by Gail Brookshire