A Friendship Confused

Gail is wondering what to do.
She can’t do anything that pleases you.
Not that she cares or even knows.
It’s just so aggravating at the way it goes.
You think it’s funny for people to cry.
When they leave, you wonder why.
You can’t have a friend, if you can’t be one yourself.
This world’s for everyone, not just yourself.
You joke about the way you treat your friends.
Never caring or understanding why it ends.
You’re so pathetic, I feel sorry for you.
What’s a lonely little girl supposed to do?

Written by Gail Brookshire

Stop Winking at Me

It’s really very flattering,
But pretty aggravating.
Everyone’s always doing it.
Sometimes it’s frustrating.
I know you mean no harm,
But still it’s just too much.
Mostly because it’s unnerving
And embarrassing as such.
So try to understand
That though it’s very nice,
When you woo the evil,
You could pay the price.

9-9-1990 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TW challenged me to write on why it makes me so uncomfortable when people wink at me, especially strangers.