A Damsel Revived

Once upon a time, a damsel danced despite.
Smothered by darkness so long, she longed for light.
Discipline and expectations had left her scarred,
But someone greater was hidden in her heart.
Opening her eyes with careful attention,
He drew her closer to His dimension.
Strengthened by love of someone true,
She heard the whisper, “I love you.”
Held by a hand of genuine care,
He let her know He was always there.
Wounds that were permanent began to heal.
No longer numb, she began to feel.
Delightfully excited for the maiden’s new chance
At love and peace in a heavenly romance.
And as she finds joy in her life anew,
She shares His message, “God loves you!”

8-11-17 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Looking Into Your Lovely Smile

Looking into Your lovely sky,
I see Your lovely smile reply.
Beautiful… You taking time for me.
We look forward to each other eagerly.
Your warm sun greets so brightly.
Your power exudes so mightily.
Your drifting clouds of wonder
Lure my curious mind to ponder.
The darkness that threatens to rain
Is merely a fulfilled promise of gain.
Your serenading creation resounds.
I am lost in You to be lovingly found.
You have overwhelmingly expressed
How my love brings You sweet rest.
Your tender embrace is my sweet release.
I attain an unattainable peace.
Looking up into Your lovely sky,
I see Your lovely smile reply.

6-25-17 Sunday
written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My Lovely Savior in Zephaniah 3:17. ❤

Patterns of You

Patterns of You go lovingly by.
Your canvas lies within the sky.
A majestic mixture of parts of You.
A darkened shadow, a beautiful blue.
Layers of light through layers of clouds.
I find a calming peace amidst the crowds.
As far as my eye can see,
You have designed this moment just for me.
I drift with the artwork You’ve sent my way.
I pause and listen for what You have to say.
Caressing my soul You comfort me with thought.
No need to search when I have been sought.
Never do You leave me when shadows come.
You are my shelter when life feels numb.
In Your arms I am safe to feel free
Of any fear that would threaten me.
Drifting in patterns of glorious You,
I feel safe to say I love You… and I do.

2-14-17 Monday
written by Gail Brookshire

Beyond the Ugly Distractions (aka The Devo Poem)

Thank You for listening past the ugliness.
Thank You for hearing “me” inside.
Thank You for hearing how hard I am really screaming,
for hearing the cry that has to release sometimes
to survive the silence that protects me.
Thank You for Your selfless act of mercy
in Your patience, longsuffering, forgiveness, tolerance,
and most of all Your continued presence…
Your faithful presence,
Your unmatchable love for me.
Why do You love me so? At all?
I know You gave Your Son for me (I love Jesus).
I know I am Your creation.
I know I am made in Your image.
But why do You not destroy me as You did Sodom and Gomorrah?
Why did You not cast me out like You did Adam and Eve from the garden?
Why am I not a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife as much as I STILL look back?
Why am I not nameless as much as I shame Your name?
Why am I allowed to be called Holy when You had to drag me out of the gutter,
the One who is most victimized by my self loathing?
The name that is most glorious saved that which is most vile.
You are pure and righteous, God,
and yet You still knelt to pick me up off the ground,
off of the very dirt from which You made me,
and that I have wallered in.
How did You even recognize me under all that filth?
How could You possibly see any beauty?
Why did You even allow Your pure and innocent hands to touch mine?
Why did You bother to reach out to me?
Because that is everything about who You are.
I may never fully understand the depths of Your love,
and I may never grasp the smallest part of Your wisdom,
but I will always be grateful for the breath You have breathed into my life.
I will always be in debt to You from all that You have saved me from,
and continue to save me from.
I will continue to fall in love with You more and more every day
for being willing to look through the muck and see me!
And rescue me!
Thank You that You see me despite the filth,
that You hear me despite the ugly,
and love me despite the human in me.
Thank You for Your saving grace,
for transforming me by the renewing of my mind,
for making me a new creature.
Behold You make all things and people new,
including me.
I am a new thing! ❤
I have been cleansed, redeemed, and made Holy,
adopted… into an omnipresent family.
I am led by Your omniscience,
and protected by Your omnipotence.
I am definitely a new creature.
Only You could take vile and evil,
and mold the imperfect clay into Your Holy image.
Only You could make me righteous.
Only You could see me as a child to grow in Your nourishing word.
Only You could tame the untamable.
Only You complete the work You begin in me.
Only You.
And that is what it’s all about… You and You only.
What You do in me is Your doing.
Your testimony.
I love You all the more.

7-16-17 Devotional Poem
written by Gail Brookshire

Empty Pleas

Oh thoughts where are you?
When you are the one who calls?
Why do you escape me so?
Why do you build these walls?
You persist and pursue.
You plead for just a minute.
But if I take the time to reflect,
There is nothing in it.
Why do you speak out?
Why do you shout at me?
Why do you deceive my eyes
If you do not want me to see?
Exhausted, I retreat
And wait for a clearer day.
I cannot understand
What I cannot hear you say.

8-4-17 Friday
written by Gail Brookshire

Persuasive Reflections

Walking along the water’s edge
I see the reflecting light playfully dance.
I pause to catch a glimpse of a memory
that leads me into a trance.
The warmth of the sun comforts me
just as fear tries to invade.
So many memories are there to reflect on.
So many were made.
A splash of life engages me
and my attention is on the flying wings.
They flutter in playful flight.
When they pause, the owner sings.
Suddenly my mind wonders again
to a memory of song.
I try to remember the connection,
but it has been too long.
Saddened by the loss, I retreat
and embark on a safe place,
one I have created with bits and pieces,
along with a safe face.
Entertaining for only so long,
I return to my present scene.
How beautifully kind nature is
to persuasively ask to be seen.

8-4-17 Friday
written by Gail Brookshire

Interesting Tree

Interesting tree… you intrigue me.
You make me think on friends and family.
Twisted and tangled in an open mess,
Yet private and rooted beneath the press.
So many entanglements choking the roots,
Yet twisted branches conceal the truths.
You can’t prune one to save the other.
They are support for one another.
Even the stronghold that grips the tree
Is not something that can be set free.
Someday a landscaper will attempt to try,
Maybe even so the tree won’t die.
But no one will ever know the true being
Of this tree of beauty they’re seeing.
Maybe it will be best to cut away.
How painful for the tree that day,
Yet even I wonder how it will do.
Will all the sayings be true?
All I see for now are these beautiful limbs
Creating this unique reflection of Him.

1-7-17 Friday written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The tangled tree at ACW