What Was Only Ours

Samson, you disappoint me.
You let me down.
After so many years of nurturing,
Of personally preparing you,
And giving you strength like no other.
After everything you have meant to me,
I have meant so little to you
That you would kiss away that strength
With the breath from your lips.
Words that betray.
Words that reveal.
Words that invite the enemy
To take you away from me.
You have given yourself over to them.
And when you have awakened
From your lullaby of love,
You will find yourself abandoned…
Chained… imprisoned… and alone.
And the strength you’ve come to rely on
Will be gone.
How you grieve me.
How you break my heart.
You have allowed evil to separate us
When I long to hold you so close
And wish you had trusted me,
That you had protected what was only ours.

12-9-2016 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Samson’s Secret Strength

Liquid Life

Liquid pleasure from head to toe,
every inch of my skin enjoys you so.
Soothing and warming, and playfully wild.
You easily bring my face a smile.
Under your spell when bathed in your deep,
a long day with you brings such sweet sleep.
Yet even a moment to get a little wet
is worth all the pleasure I get.
Playful and fun, I look forward to you
and swimming in your darling blue.
Whether in warmth or to enjoy the cool,
there’s a beautiful liquid life in a pool.

12-31-16 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Pool Therapy