Wolves, bears, panthers, and thieves…
So much evil to beware,
Enough to make one crazy
Unless they know God is there.
Howls, grunts, cries, and alarms…
Noises to race the heart.
To put my mind at ease,
Oh Lord, how great Thou art!
Fights, scars, claws, and tools…
Instruments of evil.
Thank You, Lord, that You are stronger
Than even the Devil!!
Threats, death, brawls, and robbery…
Are way too common today.
Thank You, Lord, for the comfort
Of looking forward to Your day!

9-30-10 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Fasting For You

Giving up something for You,
That You would hear me.
Am I doing this right?
Is this acting selfishly?
You tell us to do this
And how detail is key.
I just want You to know
My love for You is free.
My desire is to obey You
And to know your will.
Peace of mind is so essential.
It’s what I want to feel.
Hear my heart’s cry.
See my sacrifice.
I am so grateful,
You paid my price.
Help me to stay within
Your path for my way.
I want to be with You
And to never stray.
Thank You for Your
Being so faithful and true.
I know regardless of circumstance,
I can always count on You.
Love You, God!!! ❤

10-30-10 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)