The Challenge of Christianity

Christianity is an ongoing challenge…
to be what we are suppose to be…
to avoid that which is forbidden…
to not care what others think of us…
yet be precisely careful of our testimony.
Every moment is accounted for
and every word speaks volumes.
Our silence can be the peacemaker
or the strife that destroys everything.
We are to be strong and follow God.
We are to allow our weaknesses to be His strength.
We are to bear one another’s burdens,
yet work out our own salvation.
We are to be bold and speak up
and save others from the flames.
We are to be quiet, sympathetic,
and not throw around the blame.
There is so much required of us,
so much expected of us,
and so much given through us.
Balancing honor and disobedience
while never separating the two
is a challenge only God can help us through.
Lord, we ask You to help us to always
honor and obey in love.
You are worthy of the glory!

10-2-08 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

God, Your Wisdom Is Our Desire

God, Your wisdom is our desire.
We need to know how to go.
We pray that the Holy Spirit
Would help us to know.
Your protection is our need.
We have so much confusion.
Revenge can seem so sweet.
What an evil illusion.
We need Your patience, Lord,
As ours is so weak.
Balance is being quiet
And courage to speak.
God, we need all of You
To be everything for us.
Without Your love and rule
Life will remain unjust.

5-1-08 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)


Life is filled with so much death.
God giveth and taketh away His breath.
So much joy, so much sorrow…
Yesterday always steals tomorrow.
Testimonies are made and broken.
Days are numbered, blessed, and stolen.
We cannot change what God decides.
We must step forward. We cannot hide.
Just like Adam, He calls our name
And takes no excuse for our blame game.
Consequences come from our actions.
Faithfulness comes from our passion.
Ready or not to believe, we must give.
In the end, He decides where we live.
He does not need nor ask permission.
He deserves and expects our complete submission.
We must not think too long or hard.
Death will come near or far.

8-23-08 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)