My Son’s Smile

My son’s smile is the light of my life.
God grants me such a bright gift in him each day.
I love the way he smiles at me
In his own shy and playful way.
Jokes, riddles, or just giving hugs.
He knows how to uplift a heart.
God knew what He was doing creating children.
They are His precious art.
My son is a treasure from God,
For which I’ll always be blessed.
His smile is the grandest joy,
Bringing me nothing less.
Kiss, kiss, my son.
To you I send my love.
I thank our Father in heaven
For sending you from above.
Even in your sleep at night,
Your smile is always lit.
What pleasant dreams God must give you.
I thank and praise Him for it.

1-21-2000 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My delightful child Anthoni Lance Brookshire

Not Afraid to be Alone with You

God, my heart is often anxious and in fear of being alone.
I am so common in being afraid I will live without love.
Yet I am so unfair to remark such a thing when I am never alone.
And if there is not a mate in my life, there is still great Love in my life.
You are everything I want in Love.
You are Love.
Being alone is simply being alone with You.
What better place could anyone be?
With You we are free to be ourselves and do not have to regret trusting.
With You we are more likely to stay within Godly boundaries and a promising eternity.
If there is not a mate in my life,
It must either be because You have yet to do work in my life,
Work in his life,
Or work in our coming together…
To worship together.
You simply want to spend some extra time alone with me or him.
The more You allow us to grow in You, the more we will worship You together.
We will be support for one another… and glorify You.
I do not regret trusting You, or fear being alone.
Being alone is being with You and only You.
Thank You for thinking I am so special to spend that time with me.
I know You enjoy worshiping with me,
Being in church with me,
Sharing scripture,
Indulging in daily devotions,
And meditating on my bed at night on Your word,
And oh the joy and smiles You share in singing with me…
I love praising You, Father.
I love sharing You with others,
And oh there are souls who need to know of You.
They feel so alone.
They feel like they will never love or be loved.
I pray for them, Father.
Place in them a peace and love that You give me.
They too will say they are not afraid to be alone…
Not afraid to be alone with You.

1-6-2000 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

God and I Will Win!

God, we’re gonna do it.
We’re gonna fight this sin.
And with You on my side,
I know we’re gonna win.
The enemy may attack
And I may retreat,
But with You as my Shield,
We will defeat.
Obstacles and doubts
May try to deceive us,
But the power of the blood
Will relieve us.
Fear and lack of faith
May try to discourage,
But Your grace and mercy
Will renew my courage.
Years may pass
As time may be the test,
But throughout eternity
In You I find rest.
We’re gonna do it, God.
We’re gonna win this fight.
Because You, Oh Lord,
Will make everything alright.

1-3-2000 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My daily devotion, quality time with God.

Through the Hours of the New Year

On the first hour of the New Year,
My True Love gave to me
Mercy, comfort peace, and love
Within the Trinity.
On the second hour of the New Year,
My True Love gave to me
A load of hugs and calls
From friends and family.
On the third hour of the New Year,
My True Love gave to me
A thought to kneel and pray
To become what God wants me to be.
On the early hours of the New Year,
My True Love gave to me
Hours of comfort and rest
With dreams so heavenly.
On the noon hours of the New Year,
My True Love gave to me
More family and friends from afar
For my happy eyes to see.
On the evening hours of the New Year,
My True Love gave to me
A dinner for the household
To have a chance at some money.
On the late hours of the New Year,
My True Love gave to me
A home, a bath, and a bed,
And a night prayer on my knees.

1-2-2000 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God’s faithfulness to never leave me.

Submitting to the Love of Christ

God, I guess it’s just You and me again.
I guess love is not meant to be… again.
Is it ever going to be meant?
I know I want to believe so.
I thought You wanted me to believe so.
Is it possible that sometimes we believe in things
That aren’t meant to be,
But even You want us to believe it,
To encourage us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise?
I felt like You wanted me to be someone’s support.
I thought You wanted me to honor You with a Christian marriage.
I thought You wanted me to submit to a Christian husband.
I thought You were telling me, “It is not good for man [or woman] to be alone.”
I guess it’s always possible You thought You wanted that,
But saw it would be better if I not.
I am sorry that I become so impatient.
Forgive me of my transgression in this relationship.
Allow, in me, Your will to be done, not mine.
I seek only to please You and obey.
My life is Yours to do, as You will.
My heart is Yours to hold whatever the path.
Jesus is the love I seek to know first.
I pray, whether I am to share Him in a Christian marriage,
Or in Christian singleness,
That You will allow my heart to always be filled
With the wonderful and merciful love of Jesus Christ.
In Your Son’s name I pray,
My Savior… Amen.

1-2-2000 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire