God, I Still Cry!

God, I still cry.
I know it’s been awhile.
I know I can be strong.
I know You’re with me.
But I still cry.
I know all my friends care.
I know all are tired of my tears.
I know the pain will go away.
I know I will love again.
I know I am loved by many.
I know I am loved by You.
But I still cry.
Pain and memories that I have created myself,
The consequences of my sin,
The price of my disobedience.
A part of me that I will never forget.
That only You and I can know.
Yet the strength that makes me stronger.
But I still cry.
Maybe someday this heartache
Will not even be a memory.
Maybe someday I’ll completely forget.
I will even smile.
But till then I still cry.
And until I am with You,
From time to time,
There will always be a reason I still cry.

4-29-2000 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My Lord and Savior!! My Father in Heaven!!

Searching Through Christ

Tangled in a web of years.
Exhausted from endless tears.
Confusion and puzzles overbearing.
Loss of trust from so much sharing.
Hanging on just to let go.
Swinging hard to take a blow.
Struggling within a self created dark.
Upon a journey to find myself, I embark.
My sins, my guilt, my shame, my fault.
My consequences will not halt.
God is the only one who has seen it all.
From beginning to end, walk to fall.
Grace, forgiveness, and only His blood
Can restore in me the gift of His love.
Uncertain, unaware, and completely unknown
I search for answers, but not alone.
No one can live my life but me,
But only through Christ am I free.

4-2-2000 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Being Someone’s Special Someone

Special to no one, that’s what I am.
Or should I say that’s what I am not.
I am not the thought that lays on one’s mind,
Not the one who get his blood boiling hot.
So many words can flatter a woman or man,
Yet even those are hard to come by.
Except of course when one wants to use me
If convenient enough for them to try.
I miss being special to a man,
Being the only one he could think of.
Spending every moment he had with me,
Telling me of his undying and faithful love.
Not a day would go by without a call.
Not a night would end without his voice.
Within every breath of sincerity,
I could tell I was his first and only choice.
I have been a sucker at times for some
Who convinced me I was special to them
Only to later find out I was the sucker
Who made it way too easy for him.
Someday I’ll be special again
To a man who will mean every word.
He will think too much of me
To ever have me waiting in second or third.
He will call to tell me good morning.
He me call to tell me good night.
He will call just to see how my day went
And make sure everything is alright.
And knowing my heart the way he will,
He’ll know my every prayer and wish
Is to know that everything is alright with him,
As I would so care about how he is.
My man who make me feel I am special to him
Because his heart will accept nothing less
Will be the simple hero my simple heart needs,
And to me he’ll be more than special, he’ll be the BEST.
Thank You, God, for thinking I am special,
For going to the cross to prove Your love for me.
Even when You send that Mr. Special into my life,
He will never be as special as You will always be.

7-2-2000 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: bummed over not being someone’s special
PS… Lord, thank You for helping to KNOW I am someone special to You!

We Are a Family

We are a family… a family sharing a loss.
We share life, love, finances,
Celebrations, births, and weddings…
And at times like this
A hard and sad loss.
How do we get through this?
We get through it together.
Tears, confusions,
Our shoulda, coulda, and wouldas
Overwhelms our hearts.
How do we find comfort?
With one another.
Through the sleepless nights
We find our way together.
God, we find our way with You.
As a part of our family, God,
We lean on You to make it.
And we will make it
Because we are a family.

3-31-2000 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: MKFL

I’ve Got Your Number

Tired and exhausted,
I attempt to rest in Your hands.
My body so weak and tired
That only Your healing touch understands.
Nightfall, thunderstorms, pouring rain…
They fall together.
Yet I will take shelter with You
In all forms of weather.
Life speaks to even my dream
And I vision Your sight.
Trust in You and Your Son to come,
And He’ll be my Guiding Light.
Underneath the sky and moon,
I rest my soul to slumber.
If there is a need that arises,
I know I’ve got Your number.

3-20-2000 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Waiting for Treasure

Waiting day in and day out.
First to see if I’m included,
To see just what you left,
And ponder on what I would do.
So many things said and promised
But by people who tend to assume.
How do I know the truth?
And what is right to wonder?
I hate to be so caught up in thoughts
Of what you have left me,
When I would rather have you back,
But would not dare ask the Lord
To do such a cruel thing to you.
You have the true treasures now.
And the greatest one of them all!
Jesus Christ… our Lord and Savior,
Tell Him and our Father I love Them,
And that Thy will always be my Treasure.
I thank God for all His blessings.

3-15-2000 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: MKFL

The Fight to Own Someone

Just when fighting over a will seemed to be the worst.,
They start fighting over Power of Attorney
To one with policies, near death, and no one to be beneficiary.
They do not care for this one so neglected by family,
That she lives in a nursery facility.
They have never visited.
They do not even visit while fighting over her.
They all talk to her like she’s a dog,
Treat her like she’s invisible,
And yet fight over her like property.
What does one do in seeing the war?
One prays and prays in confidence
That God knows all, sees all,
And knows everyone’s intentions.
God will protect His child.
God, I pray Your will upon her life and her death.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

3-15-2000 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: MKFL

The Family Will Fight!

Family feuding over a will.
It’s enough to break anyone’s will.
Why must people fight and be so greedy?
Why can’t they love and help the needy?
Someone lived a life thinking of others,
And yet their gift causes war between sisters and brothers/
Fighting, cussing, it’s enough to make you scream,
Why do they refuse to work together as a team?
God, please, intervene and play referee.
Have everything as YOU would have it to be
Siblings and immediate relatives at war.
Don’t they know what inheritance is for?
It was the gift from the one we lost
To make our lives less of a cost.
Can’t they be thankful they were thought of
And let that generosity be enough?
Lord, I pray for our family as they converse.
Help us to think of the heart, not the purse.

3-15-2000 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: MKFL


To benefit from one’s death
To add to one’s life.
It seems so unfair to the living,
Yet such a wise blessing to the dead.
How do you take money from someone gone?
Someone you can’t even hug or thank?
How do you enjoy life from money
That is born from someone’s death?
Yet how do you reject the last gift one has to give?
How do you say no to someone who was
Thinking of you with their best intentions
In the event of their death?
Beneficiary… how do you accept a benefit
From someone it no longer benefits?
You let them benefit one last time
In accepting their gift…
And allow them to continue to benefiting
From the blessings the gift brings throughout your life.

3-14-2000 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: MKFL

Storms Raging Through Our Lives

Storms… raging… pouring through our lives.
God, Himself, is speaking to us each.
What He has to say to each soul,
Only each soul can know.
What do you hear as the skies rumble.
The winds roar,
The rain pours,
The skies light up,
And the fierce night persists?
Is He angry?
Is He just passing by,
Seeking your trust?
What do you think of the event?
What is your message from God?
Are you even listening?
Or will He have to come again?

3-11-2000 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

I’m Sorry My Christian Love

My love, I’m sorry.
I wasn’t the Christian support for you that I should have been.
God loves you so much,
And I have shown you how to say you love Him,
But give up on what He can do in us.
I never meant to come between you two.
I never meant to mislead.
Hypocrisy was not my intentions.
I pray that Christ would be your friend.
So many times you were there for me.
So many times God was in your love.
I thank Him for being in you and teaching me through you.
Please don’t give up on what Christians can be,
Or give up on what God can do.
I know that He has a plan for you.
After all, His Son died for you.
Please forgive my selfishness,
And hiding behind your Godly strength.
I pray that God brings you a true friend
Who will be as Christlike as you need.

2-22-2000 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

God, I Apologize

God, I apologize.
I owe you a great deal more than that.
I am sorry I came between You and one of Your children.
I am so sorry to have placed doubts on Your Son.
I am sorry to have given him such a weaker vision of a true Christian,
Especially when he thinks of me as being such a strong one.
I am sorry that I have caused damage where You had placed hope and love.
I pray for Your healing where I may have caused great harm.
I pray for You and he to grow… and stronger,
Every aching moment of his day and night.
I pray that You two would have the relationship
That You have always wanted with him,
And pray that he would desire the same.
I know he loves You, God.
Please give him credit for that.
He’s just trying to make it in a sinful and human body
While holding on to Christians he trusts,
That let him down and come between You two.
Christians like me.
In Jesus name I pray… Amen!

2-22-2000 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

My Prayer Warriors Delivered Victory

Prayer Warriors… my gift from God.
In the midst of my illness they fought.
Sword to sword they battled for me.
God used them to bring a victory.
They fell to their knees to gain strength,
To give me a chance to be strong again.
Marching forward they carried my name
To speak it before from Whom it came.
Healing and comfort were sent as treasures.
That I might find joy and pleasure.
The battle has been fought and won.
The prayer warriors delivered the crown to the Son.

2-14-2000 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Life Has Never Been So Confusing

Life has never been so confusing as it is right now,
Yet just as I say that God shows me it can get even more confusing.
So may things frustrate me and leave me feeling lost,
Only to end up being things that are later useful or amusing.
Love, life, finances, relationships with friends.
It is all a set of circles that I constantly round.
Sometimes it overwhelms me and I get so off balance.
I praise the Lord for helping me to stand my ground.
Single, dating, engaged, married, or whatever
There is nothing that guarantees us freedom from erring.
But glory to God there is a Man with grace and mercy,
And a Son with a heart filled with a love for sharing.
Today is a day I struggle to get through.
Yesterday was a day I longed to leave.
Tomorrow is the day I can not reach.
But in His good timing, I certainly believe.
At times I am certain of what road to take.
At times I am not so certain.
Sometimes I am completely bewildered,
And cannot bare the burden.
Thank the Lord for stepping in
And taking on my load
Just to show me when all is said and done,
He always knew the best road.

2-12-2000 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Single Depression

Depressed as usual… that’s the way it is for single people sometimes.
Oh we want to be brave and pretend we never get down because we are alone,
But who do we think we are kidding?
People in relationships know what we are missing out on,
And other singles know exactly what we’re lying about
Because they are lying about it too.

The fact is that we know we love the idea of sharing some time with someone special,
Would love to have someone to talk about things with,
Someone who knows what’s going in our lives because they are sharing it with us.
We love the idea of someone caring whether we come home or not,
If we feel well or not,
If we’ve had a bad day or not.
We want someone to tell our troubles to
Because we want someone else to reassure us everything will be okay,
And that if things get any worse, they will be still be there…
And best yet… know they will be.

So many people are going out on the weekends.
So many couples are staying in with the kids.
But single people are going from moment to moment,
With no guarantee that anyone will care what we do each day.
Families and friends are what we rely on
Because we know how special they are and love us,
But everyone (including family and friends) know we want companionship.

Yes, this is a moment that will pass and no I am not one to dwell.
But in all honesty, I am as human as the next person.
I, too, ponder the idea of sharing a life with someone.
For now I will smile and put on a happy face,
But for all those who read this and know what I am talking about,
Take comfort in knowing someone knows what you’re feeling
And says it’s quite normal and okay…
Sometimes I do too.

1-21-2000 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Need I have one?