It’s a Gift To Be Your Friend

Friends and homes are hard to come by,

Yet so wonderfully belong together.

Searching for either can lead us astray,

Or it can lead us to loving hearts.

Thank God that Jesus goes with us

No matter which place we find.

When you are down, He is there to cheer you up.

When you are happy, He is there to share in your joy.

And whether you have friends or find moments alone,

It is the greatest feeling to know He loves you always.

I pray that you know Jesus is your friend,

And that you are always welcome in His home.

Meanwhile, God allows people like me the privilege

To be your friend and welcome you into my home.

What a gift for me to have been allowed to know such a friend.

I thank Him for the honor.

Please feel free to be my friend

In my heart, home, or anywhere… any time.


12-25-1998 Friday, Christmas
For My friend Eric Jones
As his Christmas Poem as his present

Gifts From God In My Cousins

Endless hours of memories are a part of our souls.

We have shared so much of life.

From parties, to families, to friends,

And so much stress and strife,

We have endured a battle of going crazy,

Falling apart,

Celebrating the birth of children in the family,

And healing broken hearts.

So many times I fail to live up

To that loyalty and trust.

Yet you love and forgive me

When no one said you must.

Lord knows I’ve done my share

Of driving you pure crazy,

But never have you abandoned me

When my storms are so hazy.

Only God can live in such hearts as yours.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

True to the end, to the end you are true.

Cousins are friends. I’m glad God gave me both in you.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my dearest cousins who are also friends

The Gift of My Mother Is of Heavenly Value

The mother in you is just the mother God knew I would need in life.

From the beginning things were not always perfect between us,

But God held grace for the young girl according to the word of God.

With all of the difficulties between us,

God allowed you to be the one to bring me to the first altar at which I knelt

From simply following my mom where she went.

Because of your desire to follow Christ,

At 8 years old my desire to follow my mother led me to hear of Jesus.

While God was meeting you and your needs at the altar,

He allowed a lady of the church we were visiting to meet me and mine for Him.

I gave my life to the greatest love I have ever known

Because you gave your life to the greatest love you had ever known.

I praise God that He had enough love to send us the greatest love

We all have ever known, who gave His life for us all.

Thank you for the greatest gift you have ever given me.

No money or materials in this world can ever be as valuable

As that piece of treasure I inherited from you.

Now I can pass it on to my children.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my mother Brenda Joan Lance Brookshire King
As her Christmas Poem for a present.
Praise God for your witness

The Gift of My Father Is In My Father

Fathers are role models.

Whether they want to be or not, they are.

As God in heaven gave life to our first father in Adam,

He also gave him the role of leader in the family.

From generation to generation He passed it on.

Some men have run from that responsibility.

Some have denied their right.

But thank God there are still some men who find joy in leading their children.

You have done a great job in leading me in the right direction.

Your character of manhood reminds me of our Father in heaven who has said,

“Lean not unto your own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-7 KJV)

As you have allowed me to lean on you throughout the years,

I have found your love and direction has usually been the best path to take.

I am blessed by God to have a Father

Who carries the likeness of his Father in heaven.

You are not perfect or without flaws,

But as you follow our Father in heaven,

I know I can lean on my Father on earth.

Thanks Dad!!


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my earthly Father Willard Butler Brookshire
As his Christmas Poem for a present

My Older Brother Is Love That Forgives

Oh my dearest Big Brother, how do I express my thanks?

You have countlessly been there for me, when I have countlessly let you down.

You have saved me from so much trouble that God has seen you could help me with.

You are always there for our family, and my son thinks of you as one of his many heroes.

How precious you are to my life.

So many times I fall short of giving you some kind of love in return,

And then I am comforted by the reassuring words of the very person I am speaking of.

Life throws so much at you and I, and to all of those around us.

I praise God that we have each other and that I will always know your love for me is genuine.

People who love each other tend to hurt one another,

But your loving heart has always reminded me… love forgives.

Thank you, Big Brother, for all that God allows you to be for me and my son.

It’s more than you could ever imagine.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my brother William Nathan Brookshire
As his Christmas poem present.

My God Given Sister!

Some pray for a sister who will love them and help the through anything and everything.

Some pray for a sister who is strong enough to bear their burdens and willing to carry the load.

Some pray for a sister to laugh with and share all the joy in life.

Some pray for a sister who cries with them and holds them when all they can do is cry.

Some pray for a sister who is like a friend and feels God gave them one of His best.

Some pray for a sister who reminds them there will be no giving up because there is no reason to.

Some pray for a sister who will share the love of God with them because she has a love for God of her own.

Some pray for a sister to fight with or to fight over guys with.

Some pray for a sister just to be able to love and be loved by.

Twenty nine years ago God gave me life.

But before I could even conceive a prayer, God granted blessings He knew I would always need, love, and cherish all in the wonderful sister He gave me in you.

When He heard my unspoken prayers, He answered with His loving heart and granted His best.

I am so thankful Jesus died for you too.

I praise God for His gifts.

He gave me a great one in you, My God Given Sister!


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my sister Sandra Dee Brookshire as her present

I Have a Friend In My Little Brother

Little Brother, you are such a blessing to me.

God has allowed me the greatest gift from day one.

As I was only a few weeks old, He allowed our mother to conceive you.

You were born before I could even have my first birthday.

Some people could actually be disturbed enough to resent that,

But I have always thought it was cool.

God gave me somebody I could always pick on.

I am sorry I beat you up so much when we were little,

But you and I both know you can squeeze the life out of me now

With a simple hug.

What a gift to have a big redneck brother to protect me.

But the true gift God has given me in your being born so close in age

Is we have shared life practically side by side,

Through the good and the bad.

We’ve always shared the coolest friends and been able

To hang out like few brothers and sisters can.

Thanks for all the laughs you have given me

And the moments you have shared your shoulder.

God has made a great man out of the friend who is also my little brother.

12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For My Little Brother Charles Kenneth Brookshire
(Me and God love you! ❤ Hug Jesus for me!)

Not Giving Up On Your Love

God, who’s going to hold me?
Who’s going to love me anymore?
Who could possibly love me as much as he did?
Who would want to put up with me even half as much as he loved to?
How could I believe another pair of eyes vowing me love forever?
How could I possibly trust my heart to anyone when there is no one who will ever care What is going on inside of me like he did?
I know I keep looking back, but God our love was so beautiful.
I know it’s not meant to be and we are to move on, and I’m trying to look ahead.
That’s when I am more rational and realistic than I have ever been.
How could anyone possibly love me?
I am such a burden, such a load.
I come with so much baggage.
I have always been so strong, but the more I trust and get hurt
The harder it is to do it anymore.
I pray that You help me got give up.
Don’t let me give up on love.
You are love, and I know You will always love me.
Thank You for loving me… baggage and all.
Thank You for putting up with me…
when I cry so much, get so down, get so excited,
or simply drive myself crazy and anybody in my path.
Thank You for being so patient and loving.
Thank You for spending so much time with me.
Nothing is more comforting and valuable than time spent away from the world,
arm in arm, tear in tear, smile in smile,
just enjoying the conversation, the silence, or just the night.
Quality moments are just that… moments of quality.
Thank You for Your quality love.
Thank You for Your merciful heart.
You are so forgiving  and loving.
Whether I ever love again or not, am loved again or not,
None will ever love me like You do.
Because no one will ever make me feel the way You do.
You are the ultimate love.
I thank You for all the love You ever allowed me to know, feel, and share.
I pray that I do You fair in what way can be fair from me to You.
I am no queen or saint.
An angel is not my calling, but I love You all the more anyway.
Praise You for love.
You are love.
I will never love anyone like I love You.

12-18-1998 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Reading this years later is so hard to stomach. I cannot believe how pitiful I spoke.
How incredibly horrible a testimony I was making for my Lord! My Father who loves me and makes me worth anything! As hard as it is to keep this, I follow God’s leading so that other’s who are in the same situation, or are so afflicted by their anxiety and self esteem issues that they would see how easy it is to trash yourself when the person you are in a relationship with does the same thing. I know it’s hard to walk away sometimes, but the greatest love of your life is waiting to help you feel and grow strong! Don’t let someone else help you to believe those horrible lies. God loves you! HE makes you special! ❤

Experiencing and Enjoying Campus Life

God, I want to thank you for the privilege of going to college.
Here at Montreat I’m not just attending college, I’m experiencing college.
I am enjoying college.
I enjoyed A-B Tech as well and I thank you for my degree.
Yet that was more of an adult education based atmosphere.
It was mostly adults going back to school to make better money for their families they were already raising on salaries that were not making it.
There was no time for socializing really.
There were no dorms to stay in.
No one would ever have time to stay away from home or work long enough.
They were lucky to find time to show up for classes on the days they did.
Montreat has been a struggle for me at times because of that difference,
But the overall Christian fellowship has given me more of an education than I could have imagined.
Spending time on campus has really made things easier.
My dorm room has been a true blessing.
When I know I need to study, but being here so early is the challenge, it makes the biggest difference to kiss my son goodnight, leave him with my parents, drive on out and study, go to bed, get up, and walk to class.
The drive alone would have been 2 hours sleep lost.

When I time between classes, I am blessed to have a personal space to study alone.
And it’s not just a classroom. It is “my” room.
Life on campus is just like they portray it on television.
I would have never thought I would be doing this.
Though there are a fair share of challenges involved, campus life is so fun.
So many lives have “left home” to pour their hearts on their dreams.
Some are just searching for who they are.
And many are just following the rules of life.
So many faces, dreams, backgrounds, futures, and wonderfully unique personalities.
And the most wonderful thing about Montreat for me is that Christ is so in the center of the school, the classes, classwork, students, and almost everything.
I thank You, God, for such a wonderful blessing.
You are truly amazing.
I am so glad you had led me here.
And I am so glad I followed you.
I just pray that I serve you in what way
You have planned for me to serve you through this blessing.
Praise You for who You are. Praise You for Your love.
Jesus, I serve with love and obedience.

12-11-98 Friday
written by Gail Brookshire

In the Grip of Sin

Sin… it is so complicated and suffocating.
Once you’ve stepped into it,
It’s hard not to sink from the weight of its heaviness.
The burden of guilt and shame
Can follow like a shadow in the night.
In a moment of sin, I walked myself into the dark.
I submerged myself in danger.
As I sank so fast and so deep, my soul cried out for help.
Too distracted to hear a call from within,
I held onto the hand of sin.
Together we kept me from escaping,
Pretending things were getting better,
And at times believing nothing was wrong.
In a moment of compassion
The Maker of my soul charged forth and spoke.
With His hand reaching to pull me out,
He rescued me from the bottomless pit.
Even as I fought to stay behind with my friend sin,
My God knew where my heart really was.
Just before sin pulled me under God said,
“That’s enough. Let her go!”
He took me in His loving arms and reminded me of this.
“It is when you disobey me that you need me most.
Only I know the power sin can hold on you.”

11-30-98 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Peace Is Only a Lifetime Away

Trapped inside a heart with memories and regrets.
Forever I will carry the result of my sins.
Yes I have God to remind me I am forgiven,
That as far as He’s concerned my sins are forgotten.
But while I am stuck in this ever struggling human body,
I am also stricken with this ever condemning human mind.
If only I had obeyed my God and avoided the temptation altogether,
Maybe I would have escaped their hauntings.
If only I had kept God first in everything,
Those memories wouldn’t be able to last.
But as it is… I am what I am, and I have done what I have done.
There is no erasing and escaping my consequences,
At least not from my abilities.
I take my lickings and face my accusers.
For as I am contained within a human body,
My soul contains the Spirit of God.
He stands by me even in the midst of my self destruction
Because He will not lose what is His.
Because of His faithfulness and mercy,
I am able to accept that I have made a mistake but am not defeated.
He is understanding to know I am sincere.
He is understanding to know I have been deceived.
And while He does not excuse me from my responsibility,
He does not excuse those involved in my fall of theirs either.
A loving and authoritative Father does not take kindly to the hurt placed on His child.
He will not allow the guilty to go unaccountable.
They will answer to their God.
As for my memories and haunting regrets,
He will replace each one with a new song of joy.
He will give laughter to replace the tears.
And just when Satan thinks he can drown me
With guilt and sorrow  from irresponsible choices,
My God will lay my human body to rest and relieve me of its chains.
No more will the filth and pain walk with me.
My spirit filled soul will arise by God’s powerful hand and ascend to His Holy Land.
Purity of Holiness of a Holy God will free me of the past
And cleanse me for a Godly paradise.
The blood of my Savior Jesus Christ will break all that Satan has tried to hold on me.
The forgiveness within my Redeemer’s grace will give me a new dwelling place of peace.
God is so good. Christ is so generous. I am so blessed to be loved by both.

11-27-18 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Marching for the King

With my head held high and my voice filled with joy,
Marching forward in an army devoted to the King,
“My heart is inditing a good matter:
I speak of the things which I have made touching the King:
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”
I gladly release the praises from my mouth.
I had refrained and hid what was inside too long.
There’s nothing I can do but let it out.
So many obstacles try to get in my way to the kingdom,
And I constantly stumble and fall.
But the King and His court are faithful to protect me
And guide me to the royal wall.
The gates are open and welcome to those who serve
And remain faithful to their Lord.
And as the enemies approach to seek their revenge,
The Gatekeeper warns with His Holy Word.
“An end, the end is come upon the four corners of the land.
Now the end has come upon thee,
And I will send mine anger upon thee;
And will judge thee according to thy ways,
And will recompense upon thee all thine abominations.
And mine eye shall not spare thee,
Neither will I have pity;
But I will recompense thy ways upon thee:
And thine abominations shall be in the midst of thee;
And ye shall know that I am the Lord!”
Destruction falls upon the evil seeking to destroy me
And consumes them with God’s wrath.
The King has led the battle with His soldiers behind.
The warriors have followed the right path.
Celebration spreads throughout the city of eternity,
As the trumpet announces victory for all.
With the war over and the King on the throne
They’ll never be another soul to fall.

11-15-18 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Psalm 45:1 & Ezekiel 7:2-4

A Man of God and Faith

A man of God and faith… for so long I have yearned for a man of God.
I’ve always thought I knew what kind of man that would be.
I thought I found one in a new man I loved so much I wanted to share my life with him.
I couldn’t understand why others could not see that he was,
And resented all those who insisted You, Oh Lord, were not happy with our being together.
I even asked why You seem to warn me as well about living my life with this man.
My heart was always convicted that he wasn’t a man of the same faith I have for You.
I didn’t want to be judgmental and accuse him like everyone else of being against God simply because he didn’t want to be a hypocrite.
But You, oh Lord, have opened my eyes with Your Holy word.

For so long You spoke to me with 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. You told me not to be unevenly yoked together with an unbeliever.
I did not understand for awhile because he said he believed in You, and who was I to judge his sincerity?
Through grace and mercy, and the spirit of truth You have shown me what You meant.
When we were struggling to know if we were meant to share our lives together with Your approval, he did not want to pray about it.
When we sinned against You together, he could not kneel with me or alone
To confess, ask for forgiveness, and strength to walk in a Holy path.
When I walked away from the relationship because of our hurting You and therefore needing time to confer with You, he was too hurt to forgive his own pain.
He told me I was too much trouble because I always had to go to the Bible, or let You talk to me in song, prayer or a fellow Christian.
He said I was weak, and couldn’t make a decision alone because I depended on You for everything.
He didn’t believe You would object to one doing whatever makes one happy, even if it’s sin.
He told me I was mixed up and just too much trouble.

This, Dear God, my Precious Protector, is what You have safeguarded me from.
For so long I defended him because of my hurting him, and my being confused.
But, God, I am only human, even as a child of God.
It is only normal that I get confused, frustrated, and lost on what to do.
You tell us that we are suppose to come to You for everything and that You will direct our paths.
I am glad that I come to You. If I did not, I would be truly lost.
A man of God will not find this to be a pain, nor to be too much trouble.
Faith in God is not “baggage.”

The man of faith You send me will understand unless I walk with You, I will get lost.
And that though I walk with You, there will be times I fall or get confused.
He will know the best thing to do will be to go to God.
That is a gift of the Lord to be able to call upon His Holy name.
And when I am so confused that I don’t know what to do about anything,
The man of God sent for me will be the gift of God intended for him to be for me, as I will be for him… support.
That is what husbands and wives are to be… helpers.
How can a man who dreads being in the same room with fellow believers of Christ know fellowship is a key treasure of the Lord?
How can a man who does not want to pray be the man God has sent to care for me?
The best thing a man or woman can do for the one they love is pray…
Together, for one another, and individually.
How can a person claim to love anyone if they are not willing to pray for them?

Now I am free of an ungodly relationship and am able to marry someone who will pray for me, for my family, my friends, strangers, and himself.
I can marry a man who will pray with our children, and whom our children can grow up seeing their father pray to his heavenly Father in heaven.
He will lead me to my knees when I fail to remember to try.
He will ask me if I have spent time alone with God each day and time in God’s word each night.
What a blessing God has saved me for and saved for me…
A man of faith, a man of God.
Lord, I obediently and patiently wait to receive such a blessing.
Thank You for Your awesome thoughtfulness.
Not only will I be married to a man of God, but I will be married to a man of faith.
That is what a believer is, oh Lord, one who believes in You, Your Word, and Your ways.

I thank You for preserving me for someone who shares in faith for You.
Thank You for not allowing me to settle for less that what You have planned for me.
If I had not listened to You, I would not be able to enjoy glorifying You with honor You deserve.
I bow before Your amazing heart.
I trust my heart, soul, and life to You.

11-15-1998 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire


God’s Turn to Speak

Word after word… he strategically throws pain at my ever forgiving heart.
He does not care that I cannot bear this battle that rips me apart.
The ironic thing is that he declares to love me,
But that is only if I am what he wants me to be.
Names… he has so many for every occasion He needs.
How much he hates this child of God to mention my faith.
The more I vow a love for God, the more he comes to hate.
He does not want to hear another man has my heart and soul.
He will not share me with anyone. He wants me in whole.
But God is clear with His word and will not ignore
Anyone who is against Him, or hurts a child of the Lord.
Rising up with His right hand, God takes His child by hand.
He tells me to follow Him and together we’ll make a stand.
The man tries to manipulate and lure my heart so weak,
But God steps forward and says to the man,
“It’s my turn to speak.
You use your mouth for evil
And harness your tongue to deceit…
These things you have done and I kept silent;
You thought I was altogether like you.
But I will rebuke you
And accuse you to your face.
Consider this, you who forget God,
Or I will tear you to pieces,
With none to rescue.” (Psalms 50:19, 21-22)
The Lord strikes the man with fear and he retreats to hide
He would love to control the woman in me, but he’s not willing to die.
Shaking with terror, this man was given a message and heard it.
He simply says to God, “You can have her. She’s not worth it.”
At last, I have given my heart to a man who will not hurt me,
Or break me simply for His pleasure.
Instead, He has laid down His life to tell me I am more than special,
I am His treasure.
At peace within and out, I seek to share with others.
There is a man who loves better than any friend or lover.

11-13-98 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Friends of Spiritual Support

Friends and Spiritual Support…
God, You bless me with a great deal of both.
These people must carry God in their heart.
There is no other way they can inspire me,
Or make me cry for joy with such Godly thoughts,
Without Your Spirit placing them in their hearts.
Praise You for allowing me such an honor in hearing these words,
For the blessing of being the receiving party of such heavenly concern.
I know these souls truly care about me.
Anyone who takes enough time out of their day
To kneel on their knees before You,
And talk to You on behalf of me is truly a friend.
Thank You for hearing their words and answering their prayers.
You are great, oh Lord, to give me such a gift in these friends.
I just pray, dear Lord, that they are able to find comfort
In seeing Your beautiful work.
I thank You for looking after them when I cannot,
And that when I don’t even know they are praying for me
That You are there for them.

I thank You that I can trust You to look after them with love
And that when I don’t know to say thank you or I love you to them
That You find ways to say it all… with undeniable meaning.
I thank You that I can take time out to go down upon my knees in prayer
For all those I know who pray for me, those whom I don’t know that do,
And most importantly for those I know or don’t know need a prayer.
I thank You that You hear their cries, know their hearts, understand their pain.
Thank You for sitting with them in silence.
There are times when we just don’t know what to think,
And really don’t want to hear from those who think they know it all.
You spare us from such unwise moments and very unwise people.
Thank You for being wise enough to know that sometimes we just need
Someone to sit with us through the uncertainty and the unexplainable.

Thank You for being so loving and patient enough to be willing to suffer with us,
But also ready with an encouraging word when we’re ready for it,
And a spirit of joy for when we are ready to dance with it again.
Thank You for friends who fulfill that role for You.
That is what a friend is… a friend in need… with all understanding.
I pray that You will continue to allow me to be such an obedient child
In being a Godly friend for those whom You know need one, or just want one.
I give You the glory for such a privilege.
I am only able to do it because You enable me.
Praise You for the friend I have in Jesus.
His understanding is the greatest of all friends.
I praise You that I can share Him with all my friends, and strangers.
And I praise You that He is a friend to all those I’ll never even know…
Until we get to heaven,
When I can thank You for all of my friends,
Especially the one I have in You.

11-11-98 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Words of wisdom and sharing by Linda Friedman and Becky Bonner,
and all my friends who are always there for me on behalf of God! Amen!!