This Is Where I Close My Eyes

Fantasies and dreams, they’re far too much to risk.
Please God, when I see him today, let me resist.
He doesn’t need to know my heart, it’s so unsure.
But if it is love, you know the love is pure.
What if he sees it in my eyes? Can I walk away?
I know it will be hard to face him and say…

Should I be doing this, meeting him today?
Should I show him my heart and what it had to say?
You know he cannot love me as You do.
Nor treat me with tenderness like You.
Are you leading me, or am I following sin?
Are you wanting me to trust, or should my heart give in?

What if it’s merely spring inflaming my inner thoughts?
What if it’s a painful lesson that I can avoid being taught?
What if I’m just impatient on falling in love again?
Couldn’t this be a trap I could avoid falling in?
It’s so hard to know the answer, is it love or lust?
This is where I close my eyes and know I have You to trust.

5-27-1997 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

I Will Not Compete!

Competition – huh! What a waste!
Do you really believe I will compete?
Competition is so adolescent, so immature,
And so very pathetic.
When you care for someone,
They either care for you too, or they don’t.
If they can’t be true to you,
Do not be anything to them.
Love is a two way street.
It is not a racetrack.
When you even allow someone to torture you this way,
You ask for everything you get.
And honey, I’ll never ask you for one thing.
you can have everyone you want and do whatever you like,
But you will not do it with me!

5-23-1997 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

I Will Go Without

I will go without calling you!
You do not deserve a phone call.
You are unworthy to hear my voice.
Who are you to think you can learn of my feelings,
And act as though you’re privileged?
I may have confessed my heart, but darling,
I am far from being 15.
If age has given me one thing,
It would definitely have to be wisdom.
Too many years, too much experience, and so many tears
Have taught me long ago and well.
You will have to earn the right to my heart.
I don’t care what I feel for you.
That’s what makes a woman so unique.
She knows better than to follow her heart.
She uses her head.
If you think I’m about to give in to your adolescent games of jealousy,
You are so sadly mistaken, and headed down a dead end road.
You, nor other any other man, are worth fighting over.
I will not lower myself and be so unladylike,
More importantly unChristlike.
If you want a relationship, you better get your act together.
I don’t have time for little boys and their
“I’m every woman’s gift” phase.
I want a man… a Christlike man, or nothing at all.
Jesus does not deserve to be put in the same class as man.
And to allow you to play these games,
Any not put God first in this whole relationship,
Would be doing worse.
You can share Jesus with me or play with someone else.
I will not compete with you, nor for you!
Jesus is all I need!
Thank God He doesn’t play games.
Honesty and trust have never been sweeter
As it is with the Man of my life.
The only One who truly deserves my love… Jesus Christ!

5-23-1997 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. I can not tell you how hard it was not to rip this up, especially to share it with the world. I am not a “you’re not worthy” kind of thinking person. I don’t even like having attitude. I will just be grateful as the Lord reminds me it shows my growth in Him. I was… I am no longer a doormat. I am in love with my Savior and only want to share a life or any dating time with someone who loves Him too… so much that Jesus is the center of our relationship… of our everything!

Love Was On The Cross

Love is when you’re willing to give to someone else
simply because you would have it no other way.
It’s knowing you would be there for them
No matter what, no matter when, and no matter why.
It’s knowing sometimes you will never gain anything in return,
And instead of regretting, you find comfort
In knowing you never wanted it to begin with.

Love is saying you’re sorry,
even when you have nothing to be sorry about,
Or maybe taking the blame
When it could even cost you your life,
And even if they never care that you existed,
You will always have known you did the right thing
Because you loved them… and still do.

Love is being able to forgive when there is no reason to.
If anything, they may even be so unworthy of acknowledgment
As you pass them by.
But you would never harm them, hurt them, seek revenge,
Or dare bring them despair.
Tears and pain are well too known to you
To ever place them on someone you love.

Love is simply being willing to lay your life on the line…
Or on the Cross.

5-19-18 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Special Toy

Once there was a little boy
Who was his momma’s pride and joy.
And every day the little boy
Played with his favorite toy.

Woody was the star of his play
That he made up every day
And if he messed up he would say,
“Maybe I’ll try another day.”

His mom would watch the show
While watching his face glow.
And if He dropped it on his toe
He would say, :Ouch. What a bad show,”

But the best thing that this mom loved
Was how the little boy played for God above.
He would always say, I hope I can do eough
To show You, Lord, I’m thankful for Your Love,

3- 20-1997 Thursday.
Written By Gail Brookshire

In Love With the Man of My Life

Living a normal life, I come across a man.
A man so beautiful and mysterious, so mysterious but beautiful.
He’s everything I’ve dreamed of, everything I want and more.
He offers me all the happiness in the world.
And anything I could possibly want for.
How can I resist Him?
So many are in love with Him,
And yet I throw Him away with both hands.
The more I hurt Him, the more He loves me,
And goes to such great lengths to prove it.

There is no denying I love Him. I have done that for so long.
But, I am struggling to know I am so insecure with myself that I’m afraid to trust Him.
Why should I give my life or my love to any man?
Is there one worth it?
Yes, there is. He is.
I can no longer resist Him. I can no longer run away,
Or throw away a paradise right within my reach.

He is so good to me.
He loves me fat too much to ever think of hurting me.
Why He’s give His own life for me to assure that nothing or nobody will ever cause me harm.
He professes His love and concern for me to His Father in time and time again.
I have been made apart of their family.
And no other man has ever given this kind of peace feeling?
My heart is serene, calm, and so tranquil.
I can no longer turn him away,

Jesus, I’m Yours.
I am so in love with You.
I love You today, tomorrow, and will every heavenly moment we share together.
Thank You for Your kindness, patience, and understanding.
I am so undeserving.
I love You and our Father always.
Thank You for Your love and sacrifice!!
I am so indebted to You,
Yours in Love,

Miss Gail Brookshire
5-19-18 Monday
Inspiration: For the man with Whom with whom I am in love with and remain faithful to every day, my Sweet Jesus.

I Can Only Think of You

Here, near, far away.
Yet every minute of the day
I can only think of you.

You are my heart.
Have been from the start.
There’s nothing I can do.

I try to deny
Every tear I cry
When you are not in sight.

Yet cannot hide
The smile inside.
Why do I even fight?

I do not want to run away
From where I always want to stay.
With you.

I only yearn
To someday learn
You feel the same way too.

3-3-1997 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior
My Life, My Love, My Heart, My Everything!
Always & Forever

Me & You, God

It’s me and You, God.
It’s just You and me.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I believe in You.
You belive in me.
We walk together every day.

If there were problems.
We could solve them
By kneeling down in prayer.

And just when doubt
And tries to leave You our,
You grace me with Your care.

Please never cease
To be my peace,
Nor greet me every morning.

I love the touch
You give So Much
To my soul in yearning.

3-3-1997 Monday
Written by Gaul Brookshire
Inspiration: Missing my Sweet Jesus!

The Big Rascals Clan

From Asheville to Florida, I write and call.
My friend and I have a ball.
Yack, yack, yack.
She talks right back.
Her husband screams, “Alright, y’all!”

Alfalfa, Darla, Buckwheat, and more.
The Little Rascals are what we’re known for.
We each have a part
In this game at heart.
It keeps things from getting boring.

Randee, Mark, Sandra, and Gail
All get along so very well.
They are so crazy,
But never lazy
Except when it comes to Gail’s mail.

And Anthoni Lance is the little star
Of this nutty group so bizarre.
He is so cute,
But never mute.
He has a place in all our hearts.

Moms, Dads, Nathan, and Tim
Of course, you know, we love them.
Charlie’s a riot.
Homey’s not quiet.
Anthoni gets that from them.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Randee (aka Darla) ❤