God Let Me Live a Little Longer

God helped me.
God loved me.
God let me live a little longer.
What a wonderful and merciful God I have
(we all have).
What a miraculous, warming love
Provided by His blood scarred hands.

God, I get scared… easily and fast… and hard.
Please help me to know the good from the bad
And the right from the wrong
Before I pay for it.
I’m sorry for all of my sins.
It’s wrong to do anything intentionally wrong!
God I love You…
More than anyone, anybody, or anything.
I love You, Father! Forever Loving You!

Written by Gail Brookshire

Before I Knew You or Loved You

God, my God, I love You.
Thank You for loving me.
I’ll never love anyone like I love You
… NEVER!!!
And I’m glad.
I’ve always loved You
And I always will.
Thank You for being there before I knew You,
And before I loved You.
I’m sorry I ever rejected You.
It was the worst mistake of my life.
The best thing was when I came to my senses
…and fell in love with You.

Written by Gail Brookshire

A Dream Within a Dream

Dreams… I’m told are a moment
When God talks to you at heart.
And this I can believe,
Being as I’ve seen a lot within the dark.
Men have died.
Children cried.
And still when I awoke,
There was no one
To take the gun,
Only laughter for the joke.

Written by Gail Brookshire

Stepping Stones

The first time I thought of myself as a SELF I guess,
Was when I first realized I had something to hide,
Be ashamed of,
And something to fear from someone else.
Knowing others could escape it, change it, or defeat it,
Was something to make me feel like I was all bad myself,
And by myself in a world of good and bad people.
But also somehow I knew I was not guilty,
Had no reason to be ashamed,
And that even though I feared it,
As soon as I grew up I would defeat it,
And never worry about it again.
But also, in a little way felt like I was the only one who knew
Why I had nothing to be ashamed of, or fear.
It was a great, wonderful miracle of GOD to discover the world agreed with me
Because when I grew up it made me feel so much better about myself,
And about the world and myself getting along.
Now I’ve learned to love myself and others,
Even more, the best things… Life and GOD.
Life was what I hated, and GOD I never knew.
Now they are my favorite inspirations,
My only hope for survival and eternity in love.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: assignment from Creative Writing Class, Spring 1994.
Taught by E.P.

My Favorite Cliche

“Jesus Christ died for you! What more do you want Him to do? – Die Again?
Love is sacrifice. What are you going to do for Him?”

This is a cliche that I must be selfish with because I love the meaning behind it.
I love the fact it asks so bluntly, “What are you going to do for Him?”
and “What more do you want Him to do – Die again?”
It is so sad to hear the question of dying again.
It makes you feel a closer connection of what it meant that He “DIED!”
This is also a very sympathetic emotional plea and sentiment.
It makes me feel like I need to think every time I hear it.
I love You, God. Bless You and praise You, Father.
I love You forever! In sweet Jesus name I pray… AMEN!
Forever Loving You, Your daughter.

3-17-1994 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Most times, I just say the first part:
“Jesus Christ died for you! What more do you want Him to do? – Die Again?”

Childhood Experiences

Childhood experiences are not my particularly favorite thing to write about.
I can’t remember most,
And those I can make me remember things
That can take the life I’ve gained and come to love
After all I’ve seen and been through.
I would rather be happy and write encouraging things.
It is a whole new experience for me and I’m doing OK in getting started.
But I do want to remember who I am, where I came from,
What I’ve come through and what I’m all about.
If you must see those other writings I’ve written for years,
I have hundreds at home that I have shared with others for years, including me.

The two most memorable memories right now are:

When my granddad saved me when I fell out of a moving car.
I was mad because my brother wouldn’t tie my pretty new shoes, and I didn’t know how..
So I thought I would be smart by opening the door and ended up falling out.
Naturally, I claimed the door was locked.

The other is when my grandfather rewarded me
For doing well in a spelling bee and for being strong.
In the 2nd grade city/county finals,
I came in sixth place, and a girl from my school came in second.
She cried and I didn’t
(even though she got a medal necklace and her name in paper),
So my granddad still gave me $5.00,
With which my mom bought me a huge burger with purple onions.
This was really cool because purple was my favorite color,
And the burger was so big,
It was hard to fit in my mouth,

3-17-1994 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: A challenge to write on childhood experiences

The Light Was the Moment

The light was the moment that caught me,
Not the moment I caught the light.
It was so beautiful, so bright, there was suddenly
A feeling of the world being out of sight.
Memories, tragedies, and fantasies
Played with my mental friendliness.
These tear-jerking, once-in-a-lifetime moments
Reminding me of the best.
Hurt and pain was my fondest friend,
As it taught me so well and gave me support,
When love and care and honesty,
Were only the things that made me wonder what we’re here for.
It wasn’t a moment I could escape,
As I was smothered by the warmth and Vision.
The moment the light, had my heart and mind
Make that ultimate collision.

3-16-1994 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

A Poem to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This is a poem to my favorite poets…
Elizabeth Barrett Browning and God!
I owe you and God a great deal of gratitude,
For the inspiration.
You’ve give me beauty, love, and romance,
And a desire for my own writing creation.
Poetry, letters, and songs of praise
are the things I love to write.
Death, love, and sharing, as well as youth, dance, romance,
And the things the Proverbs and Psalms recite.
Thank you for giving me the gift and respiration,
And for the blessing of Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
Who I also thank for beautiful language
And inspirational love that
I would like to hope too,
will someday pass on generation after generation.
You both have had the greatest impact in my life,
And in my soul.
You’ll forever be the parts that make my poetry
Poetically and romantically whole.

Written by Gail Brookshire

I Am Afraid To Tell ____ .

I am afraid to tell friends or others
About things that I’m ashamed of or regret.
I do understand that it’s the past, and that my friends love me,
But telling them things they couldn’t get past or comprehend
Can eventually cause a whole new struggle for me.
If I am over it, can deal with it, talk about it, write about it,
Or have anything to do with it myself,
Or when I have to with others,
I am quite capable of dealing with it,
Or living with it for the rest of my life,
Alone and mentally healthy.
My scary secrets, or simple regrets,
Need to go with me to my grave,
Or to the heart of a true friend.
Love life and let it be, it lets you be.

3-10-1994 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Creative Writing Class Spring 1994,
Taught by E.P.

Fear Is An Understatement For What I Feel

Fear is an understatement for what I feel
Towards marriage, love, pregnancy, and trusting someone forever.
There is nothing worse than being hurt
By someone you love or trust, or really look up to,
Except maybe losing someone to death or life.
It’s something we can’t take back.
I can’t be faced with the reality of it all, and hurt forever.

Some people think love can die while you’re alive.
I don’t think so.
Love is forever.
It doesn’t die.
If it does, that means it was never there.
My love is forever.
Just like God’s,
The best love of all.
The only real love!

3-10-1994 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Creative Writing Class, Spring 1994
Taught by E. P.

House of Memories

My favorite room,
In one of the houses I lived in throughout my life,
Is really outside.
The yard was always so beautiful, big,
And everyone could play, relax,
Or work in their own little world.
It was always easy to see the neighbors at home,
But you were so far away and in your own yard
That you didn’t have to visit if you didn’t want to.
I played in the street a lot, too.
I cheerleaded, played baseball,
Was a complete tomboy,
And lived behind the projects,
As well as lived on a street with a lot of children.

This house in particular,
Out of the twenty or thirty homes I lived in,
Was simply the enjoyment of
Having a lot of my most important life events
Happen there.
I found my first love, my first crush,
My first kiss of passion, my first of sex,
My first best-friend.
I only lived there three years straight
(the longest we had live anywhere),
But that was the nearest thing I had
To being permanent in my life.

3-8-1994 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: assignment from Creative Writing Class of Spring 1994,
Taught by E,P.

God and My Son

GOD and my son are who I care a lot about.
Certainly, GOD has been my Savior,
My life maker and saver.
He has given me things and feelings no one else can,
And certainly more love than anyone is capable of.
My son, Anthoni Lance Brookshire,
Is one of my greatest blessings from GOD, ever!
He is my strength through each day,
My joy for being needed, wanted, loved, and appreciated.
He makes me laugh over the simplest things,
So many times, so easily.
I thank GOD for him every day.
And though a lot of people may not understand or agree,
I teach my son that I love GOD more than him,
And for him to love GOD more than me.
And you know what? GOD actually works with a child.
He not only understands it and accepts it,
He loves the idea of GOD and loving Him more.
Anthoni appreciates GOD giving us each other.
With these two wonderful miracles,
These only two real men I have ever known
(Along with the men of my family),
It is no wonder that I am a twenty four year old female
In the nineties, still single, and loving it…
Preferring it that way.
No one can compete with these two or compare anywhere near them.

3-8-1994 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: assignment from Creative Writing Class of Spring 1994,
Taught by E.P.

A Feeling of Friendship

A feeling for me to enjoy writing about would be friendship.
Something that I could never write enough about,
But could enjoy writing about it forever.
Friends, to me, are sacred.
I do have a strong feeling toward friendship.
I’m one of those people who believe
You can never have too many friends.
Friends are a lifesaver, a heart healer,
A soul saver (Jesus is certainly my friend),
A whole lot of everything.
My friends have helped me come through tragedies, nightmares,
Lonely nights, sad events, celebrations, trying times,
And so many things that I could go on forever.
In my writing, I try to do my favorite thing with my friends,
Share my feelings, my thoughts, and any other things I have to say,
Or to about my friends.
I have no desire to hold back from them or the world.
I want to share what I’ve been through for both of us.

3-8-1994 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: assignment from Creative Writing class of Spring 1994,
taught by E.P.

Leaving 1993, Heading Into 1994

As I’ve come to the last of 1993 poetry and going into 1994, I’m relieved to be getting away from what was so dark. Yes, unfortunately there are still more as I’ve been looking ahead, but not only do they lessen with how many, they also begin to be me falling more and more in love with Christ, my Lord and Savior, the Love of my Life! ❤ I am so excited and ready for those! It felt good just to smile over looking at them! ❤
Thank you so much for all of your comments as I have been getting the older ones up. God has used you to help me learn from them yet again, to grow even more, and to be comforted by friends all over the world. I had literally grown so afraid of them through the years. I came so close to tearing them up or deleting as I had posted. How grateful I am that He led me to an opportunity to tear up several of them in 2004. Between 1989 and 2000 I wrote at least 300 a year, but as I look at the numbers under the Categories, I realize I tore up hundreds, but trust me… THAT was a good thing. That is a part of my testimony too!

God does amazing things! The most amazing one being to love us… unconditionally… nonstop… no matter what! He can get you through the darkest times, and ease the deepest pains. I know He has been my God Through All of It. ❤ (Thank you for introducing me to this song, brother Stu!)
God is my hero! He loves me! And He loves you! I know it may seem so hard, and there may be things that no one else but God can understand with what you are going through… but He CAN get you through it because He DOES understand!
I am praying for each of you!


Shining down upon the ocean,
the sun is sharing warmth.
The gentle wind is caressing
the trees in flower like form.
Wings of the passing birds
flutter to support,
to give flight to the little souls
that I am smiling for.
Tides of the ocean roll forward
to gently tease the sands.
The sands soften in such approval,
as if they understand.
The beauty of life is so refreshing,
ecstasy lay within the scene.
Yet if it weren’t for the way you make me feel,
I would notice a thing.

1994 Written by Gail Brookshire|
(published in Voices, Volume 1, NO.4 Issue, Sept.14, 1994, page 5)
(by the grace of God)