Why Do We?

Why do we have to be there for those we love?
If we don’t feel they love us,
Why can’t we just walk away?
Run away from the pain?
Where’s the escape from caring for anyone
And aching through the nights?
Where does it all come to?
When does it all stop?
Why can’t it be now?
Someone please… answer me!
Help me!
I want to run away!

11-18-1988 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
I praise God for seeing me through those times.

Experience His Amazing Grace

God is caring and loving.
His love will never cease.
His miracles continue.
There will yet be peace.
Come into His heavenly world.
Let Him in your heart.
Let today be the first of
A long and wonderful start.
The warmth you’ll feel within,
Could never be replaced.
So turn to God and experience
His amazing grace.
Jesus will forgive you
Of any sin you confess.
For as He died upon the cross,
He laid your sin to rest.
Your Lord is waiting for you,
Expecting only love,
To take you to a heavenly world
Waiting up above.

11-18-1988 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Enjoying Being Free

Many people say that love
Is a very special thing.
That if you ever find it,
Make it everlasting.
Yet some people say it’s painful,
To never let it start.
For if you get involved,
You’ll gain a broken heart.
Some day I long to experience
The good and bad of love.
To see if one person
Could really be enough.
To care for just one person,
Never looking for another.
To know down deep inside
There is no other.
Until that day arrives,
I will enjoy being free.
And all the single men
Will continue to belong to me.

11-7-1988 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
(aka Jodi L. Manners)

A Friend to You

Dear God, thank You for
A wonderful world of friends
Who love You as much as I do,
And will until the end.
They’re kind and caring, it’s obvious
You live within their heart.
And if I should die today, I know
That our friendship would never part.
Each time my soul is aching
And the pain seems so outstanding.
You’re always there for me
Through a friend who is understanding.
I laugh at things that tickle me,
And I always continue to smile.
Cause within my soul I know that
You are with me all the while.
So as I thank You once again, my Lord,
For my loving friends, I praise You too.
And for each time that I’m comforted,
I would like to be a friend to You.

10-25-1988 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Mrs. Betsy Reynolds
A lovely church friend who’s long gone home.

My Sweet Amore

My present thought is of you and of the love we share…
Warming my nights, as if to say… I care.
My heart, my love, my time, will always be with you.
Water will surface and fade, as well as our emotions.
Yet, like the sun will rise again, as the moon whispers… Good night,
Our love will shine again,
Glowing on in time.
A moment will yet come.
A moment to sit and embrace.
When I’ll look into your ocean…
Painted within your eyes,
And hear your words protecting my heart,
So tenderly, as you say you love me.
Hurry, my sweet, I long to feel you near.
For as the stars await for the night…
I’ll continue to wait for you.
Until we are as one again… I love you.

10-12-1988 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Dearest Diary #3

First let me say “Hi” to Jesus.
I really do love You more than anyone,
Or anything in this world.
You are my life.
I will love You forever.
Take care of me and my family,
And anyone else.
Keep us all safe.

Most of all, please be happy.
Praise You, Father!
Thank You for so much.
My family, my baby, wonderful friends.
I thank You for everything.
I love You.
Help me to do Your will,
Not mine.
Forever loving You,

Written by Gail Brookshire

To Yourself

Down this road I walk,
With no one else to talk.
A lonely path I’ll take.
I’ll learn from my mistakes.
For in my world alone,
With God, I’ve greatly grown.
No one can experience your pain.
So there’s nothing left to gain.
Though they will definitely try
To break you down to cry.
You must protect yourself carefully,
And say there’s no one but God and me.
Enjoy your space from the crowd.
Where things aren’t quite so loud.
Your life is personal to you,
So do as you would do.
But keep it private at all times,
Where no one knows (in your mind).
As you begin to take a walk,
Tell yourself, I don’t need to talk.

8-14-1988 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Scared about a lot!

Living In a Sheltered World

Living in a sheltered world
Is a scared little girl.
Protection from a lonely night.
Things just don’t seem right.
Scared of being left forever alone.
Where there’s a shelter, there’s a home.
Lies to deceive one so young,
To disapprove of things she’s done.
A hypocritical life they lead.
For one’s pleasure, another must bleed.
Struggling to turn her life around,
For one more to bring her down.
Good versus bad, who will win?
To be forgiven of a continuous sin.
Heart against soul, will she come through?
I believe she will with a man like you.

8-14-1988 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: I used to write to and about Jodi L. Manners.
(I use to write under this pen name because I was so afraid of people knowing me personally… but became more comfortable with my own name… as if it was claiming my own life and taking responsibility for it.)