Praise His Name

Ring the bell, sing a chord.
Rejoice and praise His name.
Today is a day so special.
There’s none that are the same.
Some years ago in the middle of the night,
A Holy Child was born.
As cold as it was,
The love of the child was so warm.
Today people blindly think
That Christmas is only for presents.
But when you have nothing to give to those you love,
Does it still make sense?

12-22-1987 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: For Jesus Christ at Christmas 1987

Thank You!

Our Dear Heavenly Father,
Full of grace,
Thank You for this
Beautiful place.
Children laughing,
Forming such smiles.
Be with us as we
Walk those miles.
Keep us in Thy
Loving care.
Let us always
Know You’re there.

12-3-1987 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

More Tomorrows

I have a feeling
That there is great love.
My Father in heaven
Waits for me above.
Eternal peace,
No worries or sorrows.
Looking forward
To many more tomorrows.
So why oh why
Do you want to die?

6-25-1987 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Trying to Understand

Life in circles,
It’s all a scene.
To those who understand,
You know what I mean.
Confusion is set.
Pain is left linger.
No words for a poet.
No words for a singer.
These letters arranged,
Make not a bit of sense,
Why is that?
Because I’m too tense.

6-10-1987 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. If this poem makes you want to shout,
Then don’t even try to figure it out.
Because you’ll never know what it’s about.
PSS… the extra note at bottom was written then too.


K elly is this friend of mine.
E verything she does blows your mind.
L ife is better with people like her.
L iving like it’s forever.
Y ou should meet her sometime.

6-1-1987 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Friends use to challenge me to write a poem about them using the letters that spell their name. This was for my dear friend Kelly who was also my neighbor.
Sadly, she moved away and we lost contact.

Trials to Grace

Just when life seems so great,
Something usually goes wrong.
Something so heartbreaking,
It makes it hard to be strong.
You feel like you’re over,
That you just won’t make it.
And the more you try,
The more your heart gets taken.
But the point you have to see
At a time like this,
Is that God will see you through.
Trusting is what it is.
Have faith in our Father.
He really does love you.
Even when you tell Him, He won’t leave.
That He won’t do.
He’ll always love you,
No matter what takes place.
These times are trials,
You can win through His grace.

5-24-1987 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Forever You

Time is so precious.
I’d love to spend it with you.
Time is so sweet,
And you my baby are too.

My life would be meaningless
If you were not here.
The clouds are descending,
You make everything so clear.

And just like time,
You make things only get better.
More, more, like time,
You’ll be here forever.

4-7-1987 Tuesday

I Still Wonder

As I sit and think of all life’s treasures,
Thoughts encounter my mind of all the pleasures.
The deep serenity and beauty in true romance.
I fear of having not one more chance.
Flowers, candy, and a moonlit night.
To walk hand in hand so close and tight.
Soft whispers in the ear, strong arms to cling to.
The look in the eyes that say, “I cherish you.”
No words needed, you can feel the emotion.
There’s a deep enticement of sincere devotion.
As his warm breathing chills the spine,
Kissing the neck so delicately, you feel divine.
Gentle caresses challenge the hidden desire.
True love is there, one a heart may require.
To talk of the future, of an engagement ring,
Set a wedding date to make it a sure thing.
The children you both want, naturally a son first.
All of that’s not present in my life for now.
I’ll straighten it out, as soon as I figure how.
Prayers are my best suggestions, they will do.
For I know the love of God has always been true.
Friends sometimes ask, “Do you really believe it’s enough?”
I say, “Yes, I’ll always look to our God above.”
I’m standing with Jesus. His love will always be.
Yet I still wonder, who will ever want to marry me?

1-24-1987 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Oh God, My God

Oh God, my God,
As I sit and feel such weariness,
I remember You are my strength.
My uncleanliness…
Is Your cleansing
My weakness…
Is Your saving,
My iniquity…
Is Your forgiveness,
And most of all…
When I think of it all together,
I’m reminded I’m only human.
Only You are the perfect one in every way.
You even restore me with…
Security and peacefulness!
Thank You, my Lord!
For just being You!

1-16-1987 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire


A word of many things.
Such sorrowness…
Yet such compassion…
Deep despair…
Yet a time of happiness…
Missing a love one…
Or of one so near to the heart.
Grateful for the end of the suffering
For those going home.
One thing for sure…
Yet, it too, can be a misunderstanding
Of the Lord’s purposes.
The only word to really describe death..
Is death itself.
Oh Lord, help us to understand.

1-16-1987 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire