Lost Love, Yet Gained Friend

When your world has lost its reason,
There is always a new coming season.
Life wouldn’t keep going if it wasn’t true.
And life has been some good to you.
For the love you lost at least had came.
Or otherwise you wouldn’t even know their name.
Maybe it’s over, at least there was the time you had.
They’re memories to last forever, no matter good or bad.
How you look at them is how they feel.
They’re a part of your love that’s always real.
But when it all feels bad, it’s not the end.
You may have lost your love, but you’ve gained a friend.

5-3-1985 Friday
Written by Gail brookshire
(aka Sweets)


A home of peace and all art free,
Tis my mansion… come with me.
Belongs to all of us and our Lord.
Sing His song, for it is our chore.
Streets of gold and no war to fight.
Tis quiet and beautiful day and night.
My home in the sky, along with you,
And most of all our precious Father too.
Love like none other can not be found.
Tis in the breeze, blowing swiftly around.
Praise to His name, for Thou art great.
We are all awaiting for that glorious date.
Sin no more, all have left and gone.
And now my voice sings of His song.
Now I shalt peacefully rest forever.
But what I pray for is us together.

2-19-1985 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Dedicated to the World of God’s Children

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of caring,
And a beautiful day for sharing.
Love is the meaning of the tale.
Everyone hears of a church bell.
No one should give love a pass.
True love is the one that lasts.
If everyone could feel the sense so great,
Nobody would miss the chance to celebrate.
Everybody should love somebody in their days.
So celebrate Valentine’s in such loving ways.

1-9-1985 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: To the world
Writing assignment for my high school newspaper

My Valentine Love

Love me now, love me forever.
May we always be together.
It’s time for loving on a special day.
And I love you in such a special way.
My heart is with you and will always be.
There is no doubt you feel the same for me.
Valentine’s Day was created for us.
We’ll love forever, for Valentine’s sake, we must.

1-9-1985 Wednesday
Written for Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: writing assignment for my High School Newspaper

Merry Christmas (1984)

That time of year
Has come to all.
To have some cheer,
And a time to recall.
To remember the birth
Of God’s only Son.
He came to the earth
As the only perfect one.
Jesus was His name,
And the star was bright.
With no warmth of a flame,
He was born at midnight.
They all went to see
And give gifts to Him.
They left so quietly,
With nothing in return to them.
For they felt the love
He had to share.
He came from above,
Where they all care.
And I know I do
Without any kind of fear
Because I love You.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

12-24-1984 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire