Shut Swinging Doors

Politics, friends, and rules.
Life is just chaotic.
Just when you think you get it,
You never really got it.
Understanding anything is a challenge
In these days which we live.
There is just so much we have to take
From those who refuse to give.
Shoes, socks, toothpaste…
Are they things we really need?
We can’t protect or clean ourselves.
We still have to cry and bleed.
You don’t understand my message?
I really don’t care if you do.
I’ve gotten past trying to talk
Or giving the benefit of the doubt to you.
You don’t care for my troubles
Anymore than I care for yours.
Let’s just be honest and leave each other alone.
Shut the swinging doors.

Written by Gail Brookshire

A Friendship Confused

Gail is wondering what to do.
She can’t do anything that pleases you.
Not that she cares or even knows.
It’s just so aggravating at the way it goes.
You think it’s funny for people to cry.
When they leave, you wonder why.
You can’t have a friend, if you can’t be one yourself.
This world’s for everyone, not just yourself.
You joke about the way you treat your friends.
Never caring or understanding why it ends.
You’re so pathetic, I feel sorry for you.
What’s a lonely little girl supposed to do?

Written by Gail Brookshire

To Write Again

A poem??
Oh how long it’s been
Since I put my paper
To pen and ink.
Overflowing with God,
I have so much to share,
Yet do I have the heart
To let my soul be bare?
Thoughts, dreams,
Expressions of many.
Stories of love and loss,
I have plenty.
Reader, do you have
An eye for my word?
Listener, do you know
How I long to be heard?
Only God Himself
Can carry these things.
I leave them with Him.
To His side I cling.
Thank You, God,
For lifting my pen.
It felt so great
To write again!

5-28-2004 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Lord Can Do!

Churches, children, Christians…
All so alike, yet different.
Unique in the Lord,
Each will serve a purpose.
Pray for yours!
There is still so much more
That the Lord
Can do in each.
Buildings, babes, backsliders…
All with a need
That continues to grow.
Help them, Lord,
To reach their potential.
Thank You, Lord,
For Your protection!

12-30-2004 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Shielded By The Savior

Lives pour throughout the century,
A plea to survive the struggle.
Tragedies overwhelm the soul.
Evil attempts to smuggle.
There is no open road for sin
To take control of the Lord’s.
The temporary false hope
Convinces evil to try a little more.
Consistent, persistent,
Never willing to waiver,
Evil loses to the very enemy
Shielded by the Savior.
Praise You, Lord, for Your faithfulness.

12-30-2004 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

What a Friend I Have in Linda Glaze

At the end of a challenging day, God brought together two people.
Before the skies could become dark, smiles had been exchanged.
Christian friends with no idea they were about to be friends at all.
Doesn’t God always wonderfully like to surprise us like that?
Every day is new with friendships that God has designed.
Fortunate for me, Linda was chosen to be my God given friend.
God is so generous to be as loving as He is.
How else would I have gotten to know someone so amazing?
I would not have without God’s hand in it all.
Just think.
Keeping secrets from us, allows God to spoil us.
Linda was a secret God had kept from me.
Molding her and me to be so fond of one another, we were unaware of God doing so.
Now, I have a good female Christian friend that I know only God Himself has sent to me because only God Himself knows exactly of what and how Linda is made, of what and how I am made, and how Linda and I fit so perfectly into one another’s life, and just at a time that only He could know would be perfect, a time when only He knows that we need each other, when we have absolutely no idea how much we need someone…specifically each other, nor even know why… you know what I mean… in God’s good timing.
Only God can plan such things because only God knows these things.
People are so quick to say it is fate.
Quick to say it is luck.
Rarely do we give our great Jehovah God His credit…His praise.
So let me say it as it should be said.
Thanks are given to my God for my friend Linda.
Uniquely created to be my friend, I am blessed by the hand of God Himself.
Victory is Jesus comes to mind.
What a Friend we have in Jesus.
X out all that Satan tries to feed us about not getting too close to people.
You, oh God, are in those You bring to us.
Zion awaits us all.

11-8-2004 Monday
written by Gail Brookshire

My God, My Everything!

My God, my Friend.
I love You to the end,
And then
I love You eternally,
Thank You for loving me
The same…
And more than
I could ever imagine.
Thank You for spending
Quality time with me.
Please forgive me
Of when I cheat You
Of such moments to treasure.
You are my Soulmate!
My Bridegroom.
My Lord.
My Savior.
I love You!

2-24-2004 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire