Dark Faith

What a wall of darkness
You present as my path.
I pause to pray,
“Is this guidance or wrath?”
Urged in Your peace,
I slowly go through.
I’m afraid of this scene,
but I want to follow You.
You tell me to trust Your hands
holding back the sea.
You provide a fire light at night,
and a cloud by day to shade me.
This won’t be a quick run.
This won’t be a mad dash.
This will be a journey of faith
just before our enemies clash.
Coming out of the waves,
I join You on Your shore.
I watch as my enemy
will be no more.
Closing the wall of darkness,
You throw my enemy in the depth.
While I am in Your arms,
he has met his death.

3-15-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspired by Pastor Jimmy and his Moses… A Man for the Ages



Rejected on the first try,
I felt like giving in
and saying I wasn’t good enough,
just because I didn’t win.
But in my heart I know I am.
I’m the best in what I do.
And I’m not giving up on myself.
That’s the worst thing I could do.
I’ve got to keep on trying
or else I won’t succeed.
God has given me a talent
in which I must proceed.
Keep watching for my poetry
to come across the world.
For I believe that God has placed
the love for poetry in this girl.

4-18-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: My 1st rejection on my poetry.
Whew! Did the confidence strength so loud or what!

A Desert Just for Me

Out in this desert that has no name,
I struggle to understand just how I came
to a place filled with such pain and loss,
a place hard to experience God in all the chaos.
This desert that God has created just for me
includes watching friends and family in misery.
So many crags and snags, in so many places.
So many spies and lies, in such a cruel oasis.
How do I name that which I hate to mention?
Why does this desert deserve that much attention?
How do I name what only God understands?
How dare I assume authority out of his hand?
For that is where I am in this desert or naught.
I have been his since the day I was bought.
His blood has become my caravan,
His love is my camel in this barren land.
There is only one name that I care to praise.
It is the one who is with me in this place.
My Lord and Savior, my Jesus Christ
walked his own desert of suffering and sacrifice.
His anguish and dread were just as real.
His nails and thorns, he chose to feel.
His obedience in his adversity
gives me hope in this desert made just for me.

2-21-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The result of prayer and meditation on
Pastor Jimmy asking us what would we name our desert.
Moses… A Man of the Ages inspired.

The Great Exterminator

The Great Exterminator… that’s my God!
Only He can allow the plague.
Only He can say… Stop! That’s enough!
Only He knows the details about any plague He allows.
So only He knows how to eradicate
that which He did allow.
Whether He allows a home remedy,
a pest company, or His divine intervention
to put an end to it,
all that matters is He brings peace!
Whether suffering for Christ,
or suffering in Christ,
He is even in the midst of the plague.
Whether in a desert, a wilderness,
or in any place with suffering.
I may fail to have perfect faith.
but He is faithful to be the Great Exterminator,
and still be my loving Savior.

2-18-15 Written by Gail Brookshire
PS… Inspired by Moses… A Man for the Ages, preached by Pastor… Jim Dykes of Brookstone Church

Plagued Within

How horrifying it must have been, Lord,
for Your children to experience
the plagues of Egypt.
Were there not some who lived and served
in the houses of the Egyptians,
and could not run away?
How terrifying it must have been…
among the flies, the locusts, the frogs,
and that deep and blinding dark.
How that grip of death
must have choked at their souls.
And had they not been Yours,
death would have won.
Such turmoil must have been theirs,
struggling to know that You were among them.
How hard it must have been on You
to watch Your children
go back into the palace,
or back into the fields,
to be beaten all those years.
They were Your people.
How joyous that day must have been
for You to lead them out of bondage
and out of the path of Your wrath.

2-14-15 Written by Gail Brookshire
PS… This was inspired by a message that my Pastor (Jim Dykes of Brookstone Church) had preached on during his sermon series Moses… A Man for the Ages. I cannot tell you how much the Lord used him in one of the most critical times in my life! God used Him to help me keep my sanity, my faith, and my strength. The next several poems will be related to those sermons! I highly recommend his series! This particular message helped me to know… to believe that God cared about my having to go back into the desert that He was leading me through. It wasn’t about me, but it was for me. And He was with me.