The Diet of Obedience

The diet of obedience
Is a discipline that nourishes,
A wisdom that grows,
Faith that flourishes.
That diet of obedience
Can be harsh to bear,
The ingredients bitter
With no mercy to spare.
The recipe often includes
Shame, grief, and sorrow.
Pains with no end in sight,
Yet hope for tomorrow.
Digesting the instructions,
We follow every word.
We eat the roll,
And swallow the sword.
We wait in dungeons,
In prisons, and pits.
We wait in captivity,
And learn to appreciate it.
Sovereign Lord, we kneel
To gain the strength to stand.
We humbly seek Your will.
We honor Your command.

10.8.2021 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Ezekiel 4

Good Captivity

Captivity can be good, Lord?
I never would have thought.
By reading in Your Holy Word,
I am wonderfully taught.
You have provided shelter
In the midst of correction.
Though we wandered away,
You have given direction.
Despite our human tendencies
To turn our back on You,
You are faithful to your people.
You are faithful to pursue.
You make a place of refuge
In the hands of our enemies.
You take away our freedom
To bring us to our knees.
We thought we were right
In our own eyes,
Yet You are loving and merciful
To teach us to be wise.
Captivity can be good for us,
And allow You to restore
If we will just trust
The sovereignty of our Lord.

10.7.2021 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Jeremiah 24:5-7 and Ezekiel 1


Thoughtless Oaths

Oh the careless things we say
Out of hurt and bitterness.
When we want to retaliate,
We could care less.
We open our mouth,
And let the words fly,
Carrying weapons to wound
Anyone standing by.
But our omniscient God
Hears every word,
And does not give permission
To pass on our hurt.
He is not to be used
In a thoughtless oath.
We cannot use our circumstances
As a scapegoat.
We must cry out to God,
And desperately repent,
Take a step of faith
That He just might relent.
But if there is
A price to be paid,
It is ourselves on the altar
That must be laid.

9.7.2021 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Jephthah and his only daughter (Judges 11)

Your Walking Museum

Whew! Lord, what a walking museum
You have written down through the ages.
There is so much bewilderment
Within Your Holy pages.
Slavery, incest, slaughters,
Complete disobedience of Your law.
Though I read typed and printed paper,
I cringe at what I saw.
Bloody battles, family fights, land wars.
It’s amazing we exist.
The evidence of sin runs rampant
Without You in the midst.
Yet many of those battles are You,
Clearly fighting for us.
You take down Your enemies
And fight for the just.
And then there are times You
Test, discipline, and cleanse.
You help our feeble minds to learn,
And see life through Your lens.
Help me, Lord, to trust You with
My life and Your plans.
Thank You for Your Holy Word,
To help me understand.

9.6.2021 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God’s Holy Word

Weeping With Jeremiah

A pen so devastated, it’s hard to lift
To write the depth of such a godless drift.
How can one ever turn away
From a God who loves us every day?
The gore, the violence, throwing children into fire.
Worshipping other gods, the soul for hire.
Selling one’s souls for idols or self.
Though God plea with His children Himself,
The eye will not see, and the ear will not hear.
Though warned of desolation, they have no fear.
God gave their fathers land on which they stand,
But they trust more in their own hands.
Now God has given Jeremiah a vision.
He’s to warn the people of God’s just decision.
There will be wrath, destruction, and desolation.
God will punish this Godless nation.
A tear from Jeremiah, a tear from God,
A tear from me to see the almond tree rod.
Turn, People, turn! Return to Him!
Take your idols and burn them.
The God who made you and gave you life
Wants to rid your daily strife.
Do not let yourselves be carried away.
Return to God, and STAY!

9.3.2021 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Jeremiah 1-10

Psalm 23 Keeps Your Promise

Oh how I love Your Psalm 23
And the visual it takes me on.
Just the first 5 lines,
And I’m completely gone.
To know You are Lord,
And that You are mine,
Let’s me know You Shepherd me,
And gives me peace of mind.
I may desire many things,
But I shall not want for needs.
You lay me down in green pastures.
My mind and body are both at ease.
You lead me beside still waters,
So that I am not disturbed by them.
With this gift of beauty and peace,
I am restored again.
Now I can see Your paths for me,
And walk them in Your name.
Though death or evil come my way,
You will lead me just the same.
You fight my battles and my enemies,
And pour favor on my life.
Goodness and mercy follow me,
And Your house becomes my new site.
Psalm 23 keeps Your promise
To renew my mind and spirit,
For I am strengthened and restored
Every time I hear it.

9.1.2021 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Psalm 23

The Cycle of Sin and Pride

The cycle of sin and pride,
Jealousy, hate, and revenge.
We continuously disobey God,
And usurp His authority again and again.
Injustices so horrible and many
Are hard to bear or see.
Righteous anger turns into revenge.
One assumes God’s authority.
Going on a killing spree
To satisfy one’s pain
Only causes the enemy’s children
To want to do the same.
There ensues the bloodbath
That cycles through the earth.
When we do not take our hurts to God,
Sin is given birth.
Trusting God does not mean
He will not right the wrong.
It’s letting God fight the fight
While helping us be strong.
God absolutely cares about
The hurts that we go through,
But He hates the cycle of sin and pride
Even from me and you.

8.31.2021 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Genesis 34 and Judges 9

Dearest Dinah

Dearest Dinah,
And desert Tamar,
Dearest Leah and Michal.
How I feel for you each,
And what you lived.
Women seemed like nothing,
Or else someone’s possession.
Men could just take, and not pay.
Fathers ignored and befriended the enemy.
Mothers never said a word.
No one rights the wrong.
Yet they sure do preach about sin
All day long.
I don’t know how this was for you, Dinah,
Nor for your mom Leah.
Do you feel you have a choice? A voice?
Do you feel like you even matter?
You matter to God!
He loves you with a pure love!
An innocent love! A selfless love!
He loves you, Dinah! And Leah!
And Tamar (both of you)!
And Michal!
And all the ladies in the bible who were
Raped, taken, traded, and sold!
Including the young boys! And young girls!
Sold “for pleasure.”

8.30.2021 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Dinah of Genesis 34 (and Leah her mom)
You matter to me! Most importantly, you matter to God!

My Seaside Sailor

A seaside sermon with the parable teller,
I listen to the seaside sailor.
He’s sowing seeds and planting wisdom
To grow and further His Father’s kingdom.
The Holy Spirit has tilled my soil.
With every word, I become loyal.
“I hear. I hear. Help me hear more!
Tell me all God has in store.
I want the seed that bears good fruit.
I want my branch planted in Your root.”
The seaside sermon draws me in.
It makes me want to follow Him.
I board the boat and ride the waves.
The storms begin to test my faith.
Though fears and doubts may arise,
He’ll calm the seas and clear the skies.
Captain Jesus sails me on.
He’s at the helm all the way home.

8.28.2021 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Mark 4

Wounded for Me

Wounded for me, You bore my pain.
The Lamb of God was brutally slain.
You left Your home to come to me,
Only to face cruelty.
Your flesh bore my punishment hard
Because You were willing to go that far.
Your wounds were many, Your friends few,
All to express, “I love you.”
The Son of God suffered a cruel and miserable end,
And still calls me His friend.
Wounded for my transgression, He has borne my grief.
With His Selfless Love, He has sealed my belief.
Rooted in Christ, I abide in the Vine.
The Wounded Branch is a Friend of mine.

8.27.2021 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Zechariah 13:6

My Wounded Branch

Oh the wounds that You received
While visiting our house.
That was so sad and unfair,
I feel like such a louse.
That we would wound the Branch
That came to save us from ourselves.
You knew what would happen,
And still willingly came to help.
Our pain and suffering
You gladly bore,
That Your joy might remain in us,
And abound abundantly more.
Oh the vast love of God and His Son
Could never be justly measured,
Yet it certainly should be reverenced,
And wisely treasured.
Thank You, Wounded Branch,
For calling me Your friend.
Thank You for being a Faithful One
On which I can depend.

8.27.2021 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Zechariah 13:6 and John 15:13-15

A Glimpse of Beulah Land

A new and beautiful land
Where all is well and at peace.
All wars, captivities, and desolation
Shall finally cease.
All creation shall get along,
And sing praises of You.
All former things have passed away.
You are making all things new.
All of Your promises of restoration,
Will exceed our expectations.
Your glory and majesty
Will be beyond our imagination.
Your Glorious Servant,
Your Anointed One,
Your Mighty Redeemer,
Your Beloved Son,
He shall rule all of heaven,
And reign in Beulah Land.
All of these things will come
Because of the great I AM!

8.26.2021 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Isaiah 54-66

Master Views

The skies… those beautiful skies
They display the glory of God.
They tell of a beautiful Creator
Who created this earthly sod.
The colors, the brightness,
The changing canvas above
All relay the tender story
Of a Mighty and Powerful Love.
Whether dark and gloomy,
With blackest of clouds,
Whether sunny and clear,
Or the foggy days shroud,
There is a Designer, a Painter,
Who thinks of me and you.
He is constantly creating
Masterpieces to view.
He’s worthy of praise
And greatest admiration,
For He has made us a part of
His lively creation.
Praise Your Holy name, Our Faithful Creator!

8.25.2021 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Psalms 20 & 21

Prelapsarian Moments

Prelapsarian moments
Just before the fall.
I’ve lived a few of those
Just before the crumbling wall.
Not all walls are meant to confine.
Not all are meant to defend.
Both sides deceive.
Both sides pretend.
Confusion inevitably arises,
And erases the innocent mind
By replacing them
With the corrupting kind.
This is the cycle life has known,
And forced upon each other.
One’s own intentions are more important
Than loving their fellow brother.
But Christ has put His hands out
Among the living and the dead.
“Since you won’t, I must.”
And His blood was shed.
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
Together will renew our mind,
Where we will have eternal peace,
And evil is left behind.

8.24.2021 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Judges 6-8 and the word of the day… Prelapsarian

The Blessing of Grace

Grace… the gift of God that we don’t deserve.
It’s not something earned or for which we can serve.
The wonderful gift that God has created
Cannot be sold, bartered, or traded.
It is the blessing of simply giving,
And the recipient simply living.
What grace we received in the blood of Jesus.
The living God shared His Son with us.
Atonement and redemption make life new.
They can restore, revive, and undo.
The power of living with having received
Can give one hope, and faith to believe.
Thank You, God, for all You’ve given to me.
I know that my salvation did not come free.
Jesus gave His precious life on the cross.
My gain came at His cost.
Thank You, Jesus, for giving of Yourself,
And for sending the Holy Spirit to help.
Thank You for the blessing of grace You give.
It’s by Your grace that we even live.

8.23.2021 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Genesis 33:11 and 33:15