Curious of Your Intentions

Why do you care about what I do?
How do you listen to all I have to tell?
Doesn’t it all push you away?
Do you really want to know Gail?
You listen so attentively and patiently,
With such a heart God had to give.
But I still can’t help but wonder
Why do you care how I live?
It is too soon to trust you.
I don’t even know who you are.
But you have give me the benefit of the doubt.
I, too, will go that far.
Only time will tell how sincere we are.
Only God knows our intentions.
It is God, our Father, I’ll trust
With any fear or apprehensions.

11-28-2000 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Seeing the Light

Red light, traffic light.
You give the command.
Come to a complete stop.
Make sure to understand.
Yellow light, traffic light.
Your double message I heed.
I may continue going,
But at a cautious speed.
Green light, traffic light.
You give me the go.
I can go on through,
Though it’s safer to go slow.
Traffic signal, traffic light.
You’re so much like rules of life.
If everyone would follow them,
There would be a lot less strife.
Unfortunately reality
Is the same with people and lights.
A lot of avoidable crashes happen
By those who hate to do what’s right.

11-13-2000 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

God Touched

God touched a flower… it bloomed… it blossomed.
God touched a caterpillar… it grew… it flew.
God touched a cloud… it shared… and cared.
God touched the sun… it warmed… it comforted.
God touched a fetus… it breathed… it lived.
God touched a Savior… He gave… He saved.
God touched a world… it knelt… it praised.
God touched…
Everything that was as beautiful as it was meant to be…
And fulfilled its purpose in life…
And filled the world with beauty and love.
All because… God touched!

11-13-2000 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

People Are Scary

People are so scary.
They hurt you, betray you,
And change your life forever.
Whether good or bad.
They put on such faces.
A smile can hide a killer.
A wink can hide deception.
What does it really mean
To trust someone
When we really never know anyone?
It is so scary to trust,
To even know people.
They can be so evil.
And even when they are good,
They can come with expectations
That I will not be mean or evil,
And that I cannot guarantee.
That is even scarier.
I am a person.
People are so scary.

10-30-2000 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

I Step To You

For You, for me.
For all we can be.
I open my heart to You.
For love, for life,
For every bit of strife.
I ask what would You do.
I attempt. I try
To strongly defy
All that Satan suggests.
I witness. I testify.
I cannot deny
All that Your love does profess.
Step one, step two.
I step to You
And place my hand in Yours.
I stand in hand
With You on the sand,
And walk the heavenly shores.

10-30-2000 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

For You, My Best Friend

Just for You, I will try to trust.
Though it’s scary, I see I must.
I cannot reach those I avoid.
I must not remain so paranoid.
Your people are made in Your image.
And I must make sure I remember it.
Many of Your children are lost and unsaved.
Their paths are so dark and unpaved.
I cannot promise anything to You.
But you know my intentions are true.
I lay my soul to rest in sleep,
And know that my future You keep.
No matter who I trust or believe in,
I know that You are my Best Friend.

10-30-2000 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My Best Friend Jesus Christ!

What I Think of My Thoughts

If in one moment I stopped and gave a thought
To the thoughts I carry within,
I wouldn’t think much of those thoughts
That aren’t so very nice, my friend.
The world has played its games.
The world has toyed enough.
I’ve got to get past this sweetness,
And remember to be tough.
God asked me to love and I loved.
I loved one another and the other.
But I guess the others forgot to love me back
Because I wouldn’t be their lover.
Oh, deception is a lie.
When you call that love,
You haven’t even tried.
So what would I have to say
To those, to me, and to my God?
The thoughts I keep aren’t Christlike.
I pray that they be not.

8-3-2000 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire