Thoughts and Kisses Afar

Hello, my love, I greet you from afar.
My heart speaks your name and smiles.
I wonder how you are this day,
And how you are across the miles.
Are you thinking of me at all?
Do God and I cross your mind?
Does your heart carry us,
Or do you leave us behind?
My faith and trust in you agree,
Your heart would not allow
To leave behind your lady or God,
And think of us even now.
Thoughts and kisses escape my lips.
They seek to be with you.
When you hear and feel them near,
Know that God does love you too.

12-30-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Advantage of Solitude With You

Driving as the sun lowers in the sky,
I feel as though the world is saying goodnight.
Yet only to sneak off and do things in the night
That cannot wait till tomorrow.
And that would not dare be done in the sunlight.
I lower myself down the hill.
Driving down this particular slope,
I feel as though I am floating.
My thoughts are how many people are preparing
“For the night”
Satan tries to sadden me with,
“And how is it going to make you feel being left out?
What are you going to do tonight?”
I feel so at peace when I think,
“I am going to go home, take advantage of solitude,
Do the work I know I need to do for school,
And do it all while in the arms of my Savior.
He loves it when I read.
I will read to Him.
And when I am tired, I will rest in His arms,
As I feel his fingers put my hair behind my ear
And comforts me with love.”
Just by being with Him, I allow Him to be with me.
I know we BOTH enjoy it.
I drive through the lights and make it home.
As I dress to snuggle up with a good book,
I put on my warm robe and socks.
Getting something to drink and something to snack on,
I am ready.
Lord, thank You for being with me.
I knew You WANTED to be with me.
I KNEW You were looking forward to it.
My journey home was a peaceful drive.
Now, I am here to just ‘spend time with You’
You are JUST as special to me.
I love You.”

10-11-1999 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Driving down Louisiana Ave. at dusk

1999: A Year to Struggle and Complete

Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Nine… what a year.
For me it has been a year to struggle and complete.
From school to relationships, to health and strength.
This was the year to shout the victory or face defeat.
I began it with joy and confidence, and peace, and strength.
I walked through blinding light and deceiving signs.
I fought the war of keeping my sanity, as well as family and friends.
And though I may have lost a little of each, God’s light still shines.
Friends have passed on, babies were born, families continued to fight.
Relationships fell apart, some began, some were declared forever.
People turned their back on each other, some thought only of themselves
But praise the Lord for those who made up and faced thing together.
So much began, so much continued, so much came to an end.
So much life and death took place in this year that is passing us by.
Love was found, love prevailed, love continued to grow.
And even when love seemed forsaken, God’s love heard the cry.
For me it was the year my schooling would be complete.
Now I am to seek God’s purpose in my education,
And praise Him that His guiding light never fades.
The year 2000 we are approaching is the Big Y2K,
And a new millennium for God’s created art.
But no matter what may happen I will always be convinced
That God holds us in His loving and caring heart.

12-30-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

He Loves It When I Read

He loves it when I read. He says it makes me look so beautiful.
Says it makes me seem so full of passion and life,
So filled with a special understanding that only a writer can have.
And when I write he says I have an understanding only a writer can have.
What is it about this man that makes him love to see me read?
And why is it I feel so loved just because he lays there and listens?
He listens with such attentiveness.
He listens with such curiosity, as though he can not wait to hear what happens.
And when he really enjoys it, he can’t wait to have me read it again.
When I ask him if he’s tired, he answers,
“I could never grow tired of hearing your voice speaking any words of this world.”
How warm and special that makes me feel,
And with the glow in his eyes and his contented expression,
I know that he is sincere.
He does not try to leave, nor would he dare.
He wants to hold me as I read and watch my face tell the story.
He says I glow even more when reading to children,
And that it makes him eager for us to have children to read to.
He longs to see their contented and happy faces,
So eager for what will happen,
And lighting up from the simple joy of knowing
“Mommy likes to read to us” and “Mommy makes it so fun.”
How wonderful he is to me.
What a heart he carries within.
And when I am so tired that I cannot hold the book,
Keep my eyes focused, or read when my voice is so dry,
He is more heavenly than I could have dreamed of.
This man knows my heart and says to me,
“There is no doubt you love to hear the words and stories you share.
Your love for making it fun and comforting for others is beautiful.
Let me hold the book as I hold you, and share with you with joy.”
Ah, my heart is love-stricken with a man who understands.
He takes me in his arms, my book within his hand,
And the words upon his comforting voice.
How delightful it sounds to hear the words come from his heart.
How comforting to hear his voice exhale the words.
I feel so safe and blessed by a loving God.
Thank You, Lord, for the love of reading and writing.
Literature and all of Your wonderful creations within Your writers
Are Your work of art and a part of my joy in living among it all.
Thank you, my love, for being a part of my soul.
I write this one for you and God.

10-8-1999 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: A man who loved to hear me read, and inspired me to know my purpose with others.

Following You In A New Direction

Faith… my faith is walking with You all the way.
No matter what may come or I don’t understand,
I will not give into the doubt or confusion,
I will believe in who You are, the great I AM.
Goals are set by coming to You in prayer,
And believing that Your answer I have heard.
Though things may bring conflict or change occur,
I do not doubt what I know to be in Your Word.
Dreams are created by desires that You instill in me.
Visions are what I hear You whisper to my soul.
Though the dreams or visions are changed or shattered,
I have no reserve with leaving You in control.
Voices of this world will remind me of the past,
And remind me of things God did not plan.
But I still believe You are a loving and wise Father
That walks with me and holds my hand.
No, not everything is easy to comprehend.
There is much that confuses me still.
But You are a sovereign God who loves me enough
To teach me the value of Your will.
When I do not understand and am lost to find my way,
I know that I can trust in the lamp You provide.
Scriptures and prayer are where I follow You.
I know even when blind I can trust You as my guide.
Father, I thank You for Your presence each moment
And for walking me through the darkest hours.
Thank You for being a God who loves to be a friend.
I bow before Your amazing love and heavenly powers.

9-30-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Tragedy Is Building A Strong Soul

Tragedy implanted into a heart of strength,
A heart so compassionate and true,
Always considerate of others,
And dedicated to following a Savior too.
Love tries to mend what has been done,
But the truth that God reminds us
Is pain and memories have been grounded
And will always be a part of the heart
To ensure avoiding a repeat.
Ugliness along the way touches others.
A soul is seeking to survive the pain.
Love and more love, and plenty of patience
Is what the afflicted soul will need.
For God will renew the heart with strength
Built uniquely from that tragedy.
And when the soul stands up,
There will be no tearing down
What God has built so strong.

9-22-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Chat Room Walk Addiction

Night in sky… oh hear my cry… I long for company to visit.
I have a love and a friend, but no one seems to miss me.
I have a computer and Internet, a Buddy List galore,
FreeTel, and everything, yet I am what all ignore.
I work all day on this thing for school and for play.
No one wants to take a minute or two and just say hey.
I dare to open up the pathway to anyone who’ll talk.
I get so lonely for conversation I take the Chat Room walk.
What I find there can be so ugly, but sometimes so nice.
At least someone will listen and/or give me some advice.
It’s not always my friends or lover’s fault. They have things to do.
But there are plenty of times I see them on and they won’t say, “Boo!”
I send an IM and EM, and patiently wait my turn for a reply.
I know that they have many windows open,so do I.
I play a solitaire game, write a poem, and wait for a flashing box.
But curiosity and loneliness get the best of me and I become a fox.
Slyly I enter a room where people are engaged in TALK! Oh TALK!
I sit and watch as much as possible until I know it’s rude to gawk.
“Hi, my name is” and “f/30/nc” goes out to the room alive.
“Hi, NAME!” comes back to me and my chat blood starts to thrive.
Finally the world acknowledges my existence on this Net.
And I am up till morning light making friends I won’t forget.
Next day arrives , computer on,and what do my ears hear?
“You’ve Got Mail” and inside I jump or cheer.
“Instant Message from Lover or Friend” appears on screen too.
“What have you been doing?”
“Oh, not much… and you?”

9-19-1999 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: What else? Chat Addiction.

He Held Me Against Him

Loved by one who loved me so, he promised me the moon.
Love was so kind instead of cruel, how could this be so soon?
He asks to be my partner in life and the one who rules my world.
What a gift for him (more like a trophy) to have me for his girl.
Yet God would enter and convict my heart of a sinful life.
I had too much to work on to become any man’s wife.
And when I shared with my love the need for God in our lives to be,
The love who loved me so left me and held it all against me.

Loved by one who loved me so, he too promised me the moon.
Love so kind instead of cruel, how could this again be so soon?
He asks to be my partner in life and the one who rules my world.
What a gift for him (more like a trophy) to have me for “his” girl.
Yet God would enter again and judge my heart for a sinful life.
I still had too much to work on to be a man’s wife.
And when I shared with my love the need for God in our lives to be,
The love who loved me so left me too and held it all against me.

Loved by one who really loved me so, he loved to share God’s moon.
Love so dedicated to God as well, came from our God none too soon.
He said that God had joined us to serve together in this world,
Worshiping individually and that I was his God given girl.
God would again approach me “Remove all sin from your life.”
My love said, “Let us BOTH be clean and Holy, you ARE to be my wife.”
For once I shared my need for God, and found a love for God in him.
The love who really loved me so, held God in his heart and me against him.

9-19-1999 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Thank You For Spending Time With Me

Thank You for spending time with me today.
We had a really nice visit.
I’m so glad I did not walk away from You.
I would have missed it.
With You at my side I felt at peace.
I was glad You were riding with me.
We had such wonderful thoughts.
I really enjoyed Your company.
The breeze was gentle within my hair.
The mountains were a beautiful view.
Clear skies encouraged the sun to shine,
And I felt so in love with You.
How considerate and thoughtful You were
To smile and give me hope.
You built me up and gave me courage
To know that I could cope.
Alas the music was playing so sweet.
The song fit the moment.
I sang along in a message You sang to me,
“I’ll Lead You Home.”
Thank You for making me feel special, Lord.
Thank You for spending time with me.
I hope to spend more time with You.
Jesus, You make me happy.

9-13-1999 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Riding home with Jesus from school

Love Lies In The Hands of a Man

Love lies in the hands of a Man.
This is something I have come to understand.
He touches my heart and comforts my soul.
He’s the part of my life that makes me whole.

Love began in the hands of a Man
Who holds me with His nail scarred hands.
He knows I was in danger and that I would die.
His answer for saving me, “Love is why.”

Love lies in the hands of a man
Who taught me to walk, holding my hand.
He has given me family, security, and years.
He has placed in me compassion for others’ tears.

Love lies in the hands of a man
Who has a desire in his heart for God’s plan.
He was placed in my womb for a short while,
And has left in my heart an endless smile.

Love lies in the hands of a man
Who is something I have yet to understand,
For he is more than I thought God had in store.
I have never felt so loved and adored.

Love lies in the hands of a man
Who will give to me his wedding band.
He will stand with me before our Lord
And vow to love me forevermore.

Love lies in the hands of a Man
Who has given me all this love again and again.
For each and every man who has given me his love,
Has been a gift of love from a Man above.

9-12-1999 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Knowing that love lies in the hands of a Man

The Harvest Has Yet to Be Sorted

Many accounted pains have placed our hearts in the hand of a God who is believed to be squeezing the life out of us with His mighty grip,
Yet they are the very things that God Himself has tried to warn us of doing or has so lovingly been patient with us as long as He could in our disobedience.
Choices are a gift of love… God seems to understand that,
But we seem to think that the gift to choose our lives means until we damage what we can no longer control, then God will restore for us what we only continue to destroy again.
A sacrifice of love is no longer even an issue for so many.
They actually feel they live on a cross every day, taking on the world’s sin and ugliness, only to be sent to their graves at an early age.
They have no idea the misconception so unfortunately built on a theory that “everything is God’s fault.”
They have no consideration that the very suffering laid upon each generation is a direct result of the sinful choices chosen is generations past.
There is no thought of a man who allowed His Son to experience violence, murder, abuse, mockery, and unspeakable sufferings that we have yet to thank God for what we can not even imagine.
This man in heaven “chose” to allow His Son to make that “choice” for Himself.
And His Son displayed His Father’s wisdom, love, grace, and mercifulness.
Many would turn and reject Him and His Father, as they do now, and yet still the crucifixion took place.
Despite the act of love, we still blame God for what we are too selfish to do ourselves in helping, loving one another, and saving the world in what opportunities given… “entrusted” to us.
We think we have seen it all when tragedy strikes us, yet we forget… we don’t even give thought to the God who has seen suffering and tragedy from the moment Eve grieved herself into temptation to the future violence in our streets this world has yet to really endure.
So many people who claim to know this loving God and His Son spend hours and quality moments of God-given time arguing of the proper way, the only way, and the denominational way of sharing a message that they are “too righteous” to understand.
In determination that this urgent message of love be given in the “only way they believe in” they waste and destroy so many lost lives standing right in front of them with a broken and open heart longing to know of such a love as this God.
The role of women is tossed back and forth and so debated upon that children don’t even hear the point of why men or women are here upon this earth.
How “on earth” can they find their own place in life?
Knees… our open altars to a Holy Spirit who waits for even one soul to adhere to the “comforter” that Jesus Christ left behind for peace and direction,
And yet they greatest cry is still, “who will comfort us, who will guide us, who will be our God?”
From the beginning to the end, we will continue to roam the wilderness in search of our manna.
But the soul will never be fully fed, until the Great Harvest, when the Planter shall gather what He has grown.
Will you be ready for the season, or will your roots have been too damaged by your environment?

8-16-1999 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Darkness Is God Too

We praise so much of God being the light, of Jesus lighting the way,
And being the light of the earth
That we make people forget God is in the darkness.
“He made darkness his secret hiding place;
His pavilion round about HIm were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.”
 – Psalms 18:11 KJV
So many people are convinced that God is gone when all is so dark.
We teach so often that evil is black, dark, and unknown,
But that is not true.
God loves the darkness,
And as much as He allows us to know,
Everything about Him is unknown to us.
People wouldn’t be so afraid of the dark.
If we didn’t convince them God will only be in the light.

Written by Gail Brookshire

You Are a Love That Never Fails

God, You are a love that never fails…
A love that never expects more than I can give…
That doesn’t even love me for the things that You can expect of me…
But instead loves me for everything I can and cannot do…
Because it is me You love… my soul… not my abilities to do what I can do…
Your Son living inside my heart makes all the difference in the world
To place that kind of love in me for others.

No matter what I do or do not do in my life…
Whether I succeed or fail…
Whether I earn a college degree or a classic lesson of life…
You will love me for whatever I am… and whoever I am…
Because You will be who I am… by living in my soul.

I never have to worry about Your love disappearing…
Abandonment is not a fear with you… it is not even a reality…
Because You are all my dreams come true…
In every moment that I share with You.
I know that Your love does not change…
And does not want to hurt me in any way.
I know that Your love looks after me and protects me.

You do not like people to hurt me…
And will protect me against all that can hurt me…
Including people who love You… or that You love.
You want us all to share love with one another.
Sharing Your love with the world does not mean losing Your love for me.

Thank You for being the kind of love who looks after all my family and friends…
That shelters the world and cares for the suffering.
It’s not a love that “talks” about the world suffering…
Your love acts upon the world suffering…
You care if any of Your children hurt…
Your love is not a love of negligence or vengeance…
Your love is not of this world.
Your love is a love of its own kind.
Thank You for sharing it with me.
I have been so blessed.
I love You.

7-25-1999 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Smiling For You

Smile, on the inside I break with a tear…
The world hides behind a fake smile…
I hide behind them.
What is it about laughter that the world hates?
Don’t they want to make the world a better place?
Have they given up on believing
A smiling can make that difference?
Why is everyone so cranky?

Everyone wonder why the world seems so unpleasant,
But continues to be so unpleasant to themselves.
Do they not understand they contribute,
Or take from the world,
With every smile or frown?

God, Your people are so distressed.
Am I making it worse on them by smiling?
Don’t You want us smiling?
Don’t You want us living in joy,
Glorifying You in our happiness?

Thank You for giving me a smile.
Thank You for placing Your love in my soul,
And allowing it to shine forth on my face
For all to see and feel.
I pray that it be contagious.
Your Son is the reason I smile.

7-25-1999 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: I used to be so known for smiling all of the time that some people would complain or become seriously annoyed with me. I miss that joy, but I do have a sincere love and joy for the Lord without a smile 24/7. 🙂

Waiting for the Godly Love of My Future Mother-in-Law

God, I am in pain again because of a possible “mother-in-law.”
A man I love loves me and I love him so.
His mother doesn’t care for me, and actually fears my hurting her son.
I understand her fear.
I am a mother of a son myself.
But I am not out to hurt her son, just as he is not out to hurt me.
But I cannot promise I will not hurt him, just as he cannot promise me he won’t hurt me.
All I want to do is share You with him, and share him with You.
I enjoy being with Him, and talking about You with him.

So why, Lord, why would a mother not want me in her son’s life?
Does she not want me to be his spiritual support, as You do?
Does she not want me to be praying for him every moment I can?
Does she not want me reading Your Holy Word with him?
Does she not want me praying for his whole family?
Does she not want a Godly woman raising her son’s children?
Her grandchildren?
Why would a woman of God not want that in another woman of God for her son?

So many times I sit and ask myself, What is wrong with me?
Why wouldn’t she want me to be there for her son?
Am I not a Godly woman to her? Does that even matter to her?”
And then I realize what I’m doing.
I’m putting myself down because someone else cannot see those qualities in me,
Or doesn’t care about those things.
If a woman, a mother, doesn’t care for those things… she couldn’t possibly care for her son,
And if she does care for these things, and therefore cares for her son,
But cannot see this in me, she is not the woman of God I need my mother-in-law to be,
Or the woman of God You have chosen to be my mother-in-law.

The mother-in-law You send me will be a woman of God first and always,
In all matters, including with her son.
My mother-in-law will love her son and his wife.
She will have a love for all.
Loving others will be her heart’s desire because her heart is filled with Your love.
She will be on her knees in prayer for me and my son.
She will lift her voice in praise to thank You for bringing two children of God together.
She will know all there is to know about me and will still accept me in her home, her heart, and her family.
She will love me as You do… just as I am.

My mother-in-law will be a woman who will help me grow spiritually, and will enjoy being a part of doing so.
She will praise You that the woman her son loves, loves God most.
She will praise You that her grandchildren will have a Christian father, a Christian mother, a Christian brother, and a Christian home.
And I will praise You that I have a Christian mother-in-law that I can confidently trust my children’s spiritual well-fare with… all of my children… including my child born before meeting her son.

Finally… my son will have a Christian father who has a Christian mother of his own.
He will have a whole new Christian family, along with the one he has in my Christian family, to support him and help him grow.
My faithful obedience in trusting You will bring my son a Christian grandmother who has raised such a Christ-like young man herself, that my son can benefit and learn from that Christ-like young man as his Christ-like father.
And he, my son, will be able to share that with his brothers and sisters, and all he meets.

Most of all, my mother-in-law will be someone I can do to for advice, a talk, or comfort.
She will allow me to be there for her as a Christian daughter-in-law when I can.
We will share in being there for one another.
And we will pray on our knees together for “our family.”
We will praise You together for “our family.”
My mother-in-law will not be perfect, nor a Saint, but she will be Christ-like and have such a heart for God, and all of His creation… each one!

Thank You, God, for thinking of me with such love and heart.
Thank You for Your every blessing large and small… and that I am unaware of.
Praise You for Your awesome power and love.
In Jesus name I pray.

6-15-1999 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Dedicated to my future mother-in-law. God bless you for your loving heart. Thank you for loving my husband (your son) and teaching him the most valuable gift… the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for building that in him to pass onto our children… all of our children. Praise the Lord!