Sometimes… He Does Somehow!

Sometimes I fear I communicate too much.

Sometimes I fear I can’t communicate at all.

But somehow or other people convince me

That I have this gift from God to do so.

Sometimes I say too much.

Sometimes I need to say something.

But somehow God finds a way to use me

To say exactly what He wants me to say.

Sometimes I push people away.

Sometimes I entice them in.

Bow somehow God manages to show me

I have touched them all for Him.

Sometimes I talk too loud.

Sometimes I need to speak up.

But somehow God gives me opportunity

To wisely use His time in me.

Sometimes I like to write.

Sometimes I feel it’s useless.

But somehow God convinces me

It’s exactly what He expects of me.

Sometimes I know my way.

Sometimes I feel so lost.

But with God in my life and heart,

My witnessing will be HIS!

4-27-1998 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

A Day Apart

A day apart and I already miss you.

We haven’t known each other long,

But it’s long enough to miss you.

You make my day a brighter place.

You uplift me with a love from God.

You inspire my energy with your invisible smile.

There are times when a day gets tough,

And a week seems like a tragedy.

But God brings people together

And they share in pleasant company.

How do you know to make me laugh?

You don’t even know me.

And if I knew you,

I would never have to wonder.

Do you miss me at all?

Do you even care what I am doing

When we are not in conversation?

Do I even cross your mind?

I hope so because I do miss you.

And even though we have spent a day apart,

It feels like an unhappy day.

May you and God share quality moments,

Your friend in Christ.


4-27-1998 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Man Who Has Something to Say

A man walks through the park.

My husband and I notice his smile.

He seems as though he’s on top of the world

While appearing poor and broken all the while.

We look at each other with concern.

Compassion fills our hearts.

Yet we never speak a word to him.

We simply watch him depart.

Moments later a sound across the road

Draws attention from everywhere.

We go to see what is the matter

And the man from the park lies there.

He has lost his life to a moment,

Yet still a smile is on his face.

My husband takes my hand and says,

“He must’ve been on his way to a happy place.”

Tears exchange between us.

We embrace and walk away.

All I can seem to think was

“Maybe it was the man who had something to say.”

4-25-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God’s love for the suffering and broken hearted.

And God Steps In

The morning brings the sun and love comes to be.

He promises me forever then walks out on me.

He tries to reenter but only visits.

God steps in and says, “That’s it!

No one will hurt or use My child!

There was a reason My Son walked her mile.

She’s made in My image and carries My will.

For this loved one of Mine, I would kill.

So down on your knees. Beg for mercy from Me.

If you’ll just repent, I will set you free.”


A friend runs over to share a laugh.

Yet all she wants is to ask and ask,

“Will you do this or that to risk your soul?

Surely you know our friendship is gold.”

God steps in and says, “No playing games!

I know exactly what’s going on, and I’m taking names.

You will not deceive or lure My daughter.

She is the reason My only Son was slaughtered.

To betray this young heart with pain in any way

Will leave you in danger of judgment day.

So down on your knees. Beg for mercy from Me.

If you will repent, I will set you free.”


Christians fellowship to honor and praise God.

Yet somehow it’s the Lord that they have forgotten.

Selling Bibles, charging church membership fees.

God quickly and angrily thunders, “On your knees!!

It’s when you slander My name that you sin.

I will not tolerate it. I must step in!

So down! Down on your knees. Beg for mercy from Me.

If you’ll just repent, I will set you free.”


4-25-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

A Man With A Voice

There’s a man with a voice… he talks to me through the night.

Actually, he speaks to the world through the night.

He brings to us all the sound of a beautiful Man.

He gives us the message that gives us hope.

He shares with us the joy that his Savior shares with him.

He communicates to us the most important gift we could ever learn to receive…

The message of Christ.


Through the power of the blood of Jesus, this man with a voice was saved.

He testifies to us what this did and does for his life.

His eyes and smile light up the room though transmitted only by radio waves,

That’s how much excitement he feels and shares by the grace of God.

Playing song after song to glorify his Lord, he tells us that we too can know

The love and joy and… PRAISE THE LORD… eternal life with the Savior ourselves.


As his hours on the air narrows down and he signs off from the world,

He leaves behind a joy for the heart, a song for the soul,

and the most beautiful gift a soul can receive…

An open door to Christ, and eternal life.

I pray for that man with a voice,

And that somehow we, the voices on the phone,

Give him something uplifting back to join him in praising God.

4-25-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Radio friends

A Lily of the Field

Bowed on her knees a woman cries… HOLY.

Her voice carries love so softly to her Lord.

In the open fields God’s light shines upon her.

The warmth of His gentle touch says, “I heard.”

Her lips whisper glory and honor to her Father.

She worships the Lamb with her heart.

A light breeze blows through her hair.

She smiles to feel His vow to never depart.

Flowers dance in the wind all around the woman.

She merely remains and indulges in His wonder.

As she watches the animals from a distance,

She thanks her Lord for the honor to be wife and mother.

God sends a butterfly to pass through the fields.

It comes in her direction and waves its wings.

The young lady feels the loving moment.,

So much that she begins to sing.

“Breathe on me breath of God” honors her Lord,

With the voice of an angel sent from above.

He comforts her with words of thought,

“I know that you carry My love.”

Daylight lessens as the sun begins to set

And the young lady lays in the fields asleep.

For there is no fear of being in the night

When she knows her soul He will keep.

4-25-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Read on HIS Radio program Still Waters by Melissa Smith,
And then she played Breathe On Me Breath of God after.
Praise You, God! I pray it served You well!

So Refreshing… A True Gift From God

From the moment I first spoke with you God was present.

He was a part of our encounter.

I called for prayer and praise,

And you were with ready with honor and servancy

For the Lord we share as God.

Jesus allowed His love to flow through two Christian souls,

And brought us together for a moment of holiness.

Praise God!!


It turns out you are single as well.

Being I came out of a bad relationship just recently,

It is so refreshing… a true gift from God!

All I really needed to know

Was that there really is someone like you out there.

Whether we ever date or not really doesn’t matter.

Just to have talked with you one night,

And know that God does have men like you

Made me realize I can’t give up on God like that.


I was so broken… my faith damaged.

I just couldn’t believe that God has someone for  me.

That maybe my expectations were too high.

Even if you’re not the one,

I know my expectations (wanting to wait until marriage)

Are exactly where God wants them to be…

As high as He is!!

Praise God for your Holy being!


4-23-1998 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire