Thoughtless Oaths

Oh the careless things we say
Out of hurt and bitterness.
When we want to retaliate,
We could care less.
We open our mouth,
And let the words fly,
Carrying weapons to wound
Anyone standing by.
But our omniscient God
Hears every word,
And does not give permission
To pass on our hurt.
He is not to be used
In a thoughtless oath.
We cannot use our circumstances
As a scapegoat.
We must cry out to God,
And desperately repent,
Take a step of faith
That He just might relent.
But if there is
A price to be paid,
It is ourselves on the altar
That must be laid.

9.7.2021 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Jephthah and his only daughter (Judges 11)

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