The Cycle of Sin and Pride

The cycle of sin and pride,
Jealousy, hate, and revenge.
We continuously disobey God,
And usurp His authority again and again.
Injustices so horrible and many
Are hard to bear or see.
Righteous anger turns into revenge.
One assumes God’s authority.
Going on a killing spree
To satisfy one’s pain
Only causes the enemy’s children
To want to do the same.
There ensues the bloodbath
That cycles through the earth.
When we do not take our hurts to God,
Sin is given birth.
Trusting God does not mean
He will not right the wrong.
It’s letting God fight the fight
While helping us be strong.
God absolutely cares about
The hurts that we go through,
But He hates the cycle of sin and pride
Even from me and you.

8.31.2021 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Genesis 34 and Judges 9

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