The Blessing of Grace

Grace… the gift of God that we don’t deserve.
It’s not something earned or for which we can serve.
The wonderful gift that God has created
Cannot be sold, bartered, or traded.
It is the blessing of simply giving,
And the recipient simply living.
What grace we received in the blood of Jesus.
The living God shared His Son with us.
Atonement and redemption make life new.
They can restore, revive, and undo.
The power of living with having received
Can give one hope, and faith to believe.
Thank You, God, for all You’ve given to me.
I know that my salvation did not come free.
Jesus gave His precious life on the cross.
My gain came at His cost.
Thank You, Jesus, for giving of Yourself,
And for sending the Holy Spirit to help.
Thank You for the blessing of grace You give.
It’s by Your grace that we even live.

8.23.2021 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Genesis 33:11 and 33:15

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