Wrestling the Threat

Life was visiting with me
When death tried to choke me out.
It was a scary battle.
I had great fear and doubt.
The pain, the helplessness.
The struggle to have a breath,
A desperate feel of uncertainty
While wrestling to fight death.
How great my Mighty Savior,
To lift me into His arms.
He had no tolerance whatsoever
For Death’s pathetic charms.
The minutes that felt like eternity
Forced patience to be exercised.
So many thoughts ran through my mind.
Behind my frightened eyes.
God was faithful to fight for me,
And saved me from the threat.
“Thank you, God, for being there.
I am forever in Your debt.”

7.18.2020 Sunday
written by Gail Brookshire
Inspirational Proverbs 18 in my Proverbs Journal,
and literally getting choked.

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