A God Created Hymn

What a beautiful tune you sing little one.
I hear your chirp chirp and your tweet tweet.
Hearing you as the gentle breeze feels so cool
Makes this beautiful and quiet day a treat.
Caw, caw, your friend joins in your song.
A playful back and forth exchange.
I smile and listen as more take part,
And feel so blessed to be within range.
The sky is filled with many dark clouds.
Yet you too feel the light shining behind them.
The day is such an inspiration.
You have become a God created hymn.
How large the trees stand in view,
Adding to this glorious demonstration.
My awe struck eyes are simply amazed
At God’s personal illustration.
I feel His presence within the air,
And marvel in His majesty.
With each breath I take in
I feel Him living in me.

2-15-19 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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