Write For Him

“Write to me. Write to your God.”
I hear You speak to me clearly.
“Write to Him. Write to your God.”
My heart speaks to my pen so dearly.
A letter, a poem, a song for the soul.
Create, praise, and teach.
Rewrite, reread, reproof,
Build, thank, and reach.
Whatever the message You send,
My pen and heart long to obey.
And when I know I’ll be the first to read,
I am eager to hear what You say.
Ink, paper, and God’s inspiration.
Tools that minister for Him.
Computer, email, and God’s intervention.
Ways to help share about Him.
Rhythm, rhyme, meter
Are not what makes the Word.
It is who wrote it and why,
As well as to be read and heard.

8-10-2003 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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