Facing the Christian Heat

Brought to my knees by the mercy of God,
I gave my life to Christ.
His followers praised His name
And welcomed me into the family.
Yet as soon as we first disagreed
I was classified “THE UNSAVED.”
My opinion and personal walk with God
Was too far from their understanding.
They immediately assumed
The devil had come to attack them.
How am I supposed to be a Christian
If I have no one to help me learn?
How can I understand forgiveness
If no one is willing to share it with me?
We will not always agree on what is right
Just because we share a Father.
As children of any family we will debate,
But will have our own relationship with God.
While the Father may expect one thing of me,
He may see it is too difficult for you.
It doesn’t make it excusable,
Or provide an escape from being held accountable.
But it does allow for the love of a parent
To make the decision of another chance.
God, Your Christians, my brothers and sisters,
Sometimes shut me out because they don’t understand
What You and I are sharing together.
That is when I am glad I remember
I was brought to my knees by the mercy of God
And gave my life to “YOU!” AMEN!

5-2-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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