Jesus, Do You Regret?

Jesus, do You ever regret dying for my sins?
Do You ever regret dying for me?
Aren’t You sorry to see me betray You
As much as I claim to love You?
Don’t You ever get tired of me saying I know You
When it seems I deny You so often?
Don’t You grow weary of me calling on You,
Asking You to forgive me…
Again and again for the same thing?
Don’t You ever think I am hopeless?
How can You ever have faith in me
As evil and sinful as I can be?
How can You bear to love me so?
How do You tolerate my being?
I don’t know how You do it,
Why You love me,
Why You believe in me,
How You can stand to hear my name,
But I do thank You for loving me.
Thank You for believing in me,
Especially when there’s not reason to.
Thank You for not giving up on me,
Or casting me aside like the trash I am.
Thank You for knowing that despite myself,
I love You with all of my soul.

7-30-01 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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