Curious of what I have suppressed, I wonder why I ever did.
Why would I be so scared and hurt, that I would keep happy times hid?
Something has happened that is sure, but what has happened has passed.
I need to let go of those painful memories to let the good ones last.
There are so many memories I do remember just because they were so bad,
So why allow myself to forget so much just because it made me sad?
I’ve already lived it and cried. I’ve already survived.
So what is it that I need to remember to get on with my healthy life?
And what if for some reason, I haven’t forgotten anything bad?
Why would I forget anything if forgetting it makes me sad?
I pray, Dear Lord, that You would release anything You may feel I need to know.
And if there’s anything or not, You would help me to let it all go.
I may not understand what I have suppressed, but getting on with my life I want for sure.
Be with me as I may not know just what I am asking for.
Be with me as I may face any demons that may be hiding behind any doors.
And if I should cross an unfair fear placed upon me by threats or events,
I pray, Dear Lord, that You would comfort me with Your love, peace, and Godly sense.
Help me to grow from whatever it is that has held me back thus far.
Instead, replace in me a spirit to know how great a power You are.
Make of me who You want me to be and use me for Your will.
I pray that others would benefit from what You have yet to reveal.
And thank You, Lord, for being there through whatever it may have been.
Just to know You were there with me, let’s me know my God is also my friend.

2-4-2001 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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