A Place To Come To

A place to come to…
Wow have I been searching forever
For this very place You have long been leading me to.
A place where one can come to be with You,
Enter Your house,
Kneel at Your altar,
Walk with You upon Your Holy grounds.
A place to bring family and friends,
A place to see and meet family and friends,
A place of comfort, support, and accountability.
A place with plenty to do,
And open arms from welcoming members of Christ.
A place to hear worship and praise,
A place to request a prayer,
A place to speak a prayer,
A place to hold hands and sing together in fellowship,
A place to grow in our spiritual gifts,
And best of all a place to leave
With no regret, no guilt, and no pressure.
Instead to take with me
Encouragement, smiles, love, and friendship,
And more importantly
Your Word, Your message, and Your witness.
Thank You, God, for this place to come to.
I know that You are here.
And because of that, I’ll be back to see You again.

6-23-2000 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TBC

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