Single Depression

Depressed as usual… that’s the way it is for single people sometimes.
Oh we want to be brave and pretend we never get down because we are alone,
But who do we think we are kidding?
People in relationships know what we are missing out on,
And other singles know exactly what we’re lying about
Because they are lying about it too.

The fact is that we know we love the idea of sharing some time with someone special,
Would love to have someone to talk about things with,
Someone who knows what’s going in our lives because they are sharing it with us.
We love the idea of someone caring whether we come home or not,
If we feel well or not,
If we’ve had a bad day or not.
We want someone to tell our troubles to
Because we want someone else to reassure us everything will be okay,
And that if things get any worse, they will be still be there…
And best yet… know they will be.

So many people are going out on the weekends.
So many couples are staying in with the kids.
But single people are going from moment to moment,
With no guarantee that anyone will care what we do each day.
Families and friends are what we rely on
Because we know how special they are and love us,
But everyone (including family and friends) know we want companionship.

Yes, this is a moment that will pass and no I am not one to dwell.
But in all honesty, I am as human as the next person.
I, too, ponder the idea of sharing a life with someone.
For now I will smile and put on a happy face,
But for all those who read this and know what I am talking about,
Take comfort in knowing someone knows what you’re feeling
And says it’s quite normal and okay…
Sometimes I do too.

1-21-2000 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Need I have one?

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