I’m Sorry My Christian Love

My love, I’m sorry.
I wasn’t the Christian support for you that I should have been.
God loves you so much,
And I have shown you how to say you love Him,
But give up on what He can do in us.
I never meant to come between you two.
I never meant to mislead.
Hypocrisy was not my intentions.
I pray that Christ would be your friend.
So many times you were there for me.
So many times God was in your love.
I thank Him for being in you and teaching me through you.
Please don’t give up on what Christians can be,
Or give up on what God can do.
I know that He has a plan for you.
After all, His Son died for you.
Please forgive my selfishness,
And hiding behind your Godly strength.
I pray that God brings you a true friend
Who will be as Christlike as you need.

2-22-2000 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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