The Advantage of Solitude With You

Driving as the sun lowers in the sky,
I feel as though the world is saying goodnight.
Yet only to sneak off and do things in the night
That cannot wait till tomorrow.
And that would not dare be done in the sunlight.
I lower myself down the hill.
Driving down this particular slope,
I feel as though I am floating.
My thoughts are how many people are preparing
“For the night”
Satan tries to sadden me with,
“And how is it going to make you feel being left out?
What are you going to do tonight?”
I feel so at peace when I think,
“I am going to go home, take advantage of solitude,
Do the work I know I need to do for school,
And do it all while in the arms of my Savior.
He loves it when I read.
I will read to Him.
And when I am tired, I will rest in His arms,
As I feel his fingers put my hair behind my ear
And comforts me with love.”
Just by being with Him, I allow Him to be with me.
I know we BOTH enjoy it.
I drive through the lights and make it home.
As I dress to snuggle up with a good book,
I put on my warm robe and socks.
Getting something to drink and something to snack on,
I am ready.
Lord, thank You for being with me.
I knew You WANTED to be with me.
I KNEW You were looking forward to it.
My journey home was a peaceful drive.
Now, I am here to just ‘spend time with You’
You are JUST as special to me.
I love You.”

10-11-1999 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Driving down Louisiana Ave. at dusk

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