Twisted Tangles

A maze designed for all that are willing
To give in to agony for one moment of pleasure.
A price that is continuously paid for in full,
Though none can see the waste of such a treasure.
God opens His arms to release His children.
They want so much to play.
Yet when it’s time for them to come home,
So many will have gone astray.
Paths of temptations. Descriptive decisions.
A puzzle of the world has missing pieces.
They search in the dark for a way to the light.
They will never see it is Jesus.
A game, a rat race, some kind of challenge.
Humans aren’t content without some kind of fight.
They can’t let go and just give it to God.
They have to fail with all their might.
Storms set in and warn all those roaming
To seek shelter from what is coming.
How tragic to see so many die
Because they were too proud to be running.

2-22-1999 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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