Trusting You With What I Do Not Understand

Lord, You walk me away from friends
I have known and loved for years.
You say that it’s best if we want to
All stop shedding wasteful tears.
I do not question You. I do not doubt
That You know what’s best for all.
I do wonder how I will ever grow
Without the love of those who care if I fall.
I know that You were their strength
In giving all that was shared with me.
And I know that they could not care as much
If You did not allow it to be.
It’s just You helped us make it through
So much heartache and tragedy together.
So many wonderful memories of laughter and joy
Will live in our hearts forever.
These friends are souls who would be there
In a minute if You should ask them to.
Without such wonderful friendship,
I am not sure I’ll know what to do.
With my heart in Your hand,
I trust You with what I do not understand.
For it was You who brought us together
And helped us survive hand in hand.
And when they need a friend to turn to,
I know that I can trust You to be there.
For You have always been my friend
In every friend I had to care.

2-6-1999 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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