Love That Will Never End

So many lives searching for love that will never end,
Yet they continue to throw it away again and again.
They’re so caught up in fantasy and love at first sight,
Love that is beautiful and holds you through the night.
How many times will souls have to fall to learn,
Without God in the love they’re going to burn?
Satan can easily convince us with pretty blue eyes
That love will last forever in his own disguise.
We even help him to convince ourselves a ring makes it okay,
But sin is sin… even in a wonderful and loving way.
We agonzie and struggle as we continue to hurt each other,
Simply from believing we can’t live without one another.
But when push comes to shove, and marriage to divorce,
It’s plain to see there is value in obeying God’s word.
We come to Him with doubts, complaints, and cries,
But when He tells us what to do, we just roll our eyes.
How can God ever help us or save us from ourselves,
If we don’t obey and accept His help?
Lord, thank You for being there when I want to stray.
If it weren’t for You, I would have thrown my love and life away.
I pray that others will see Your love is the only hope to survive.
Thank You for the greatest Love, Your Son, who died but is alive.
He is the Love we’re all searching for that will never end.
I pray that we never throw it away, but welcome Him in.

2-11-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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