This Is Where I Close My Eyes

Fantasies and dreams, they’re far too much to risk.
Please God, when I see him today, let me resist.
He doesn’t need to know my heart, it’s so unsure.
But if it is love, you know the love is pure.
What if he sees it in my eyes? Can I walk away?
I know it will be hard to face him and say…

Should I be doing this, meeting him today?
Should I show him my heart and what it had to say?
You know he cannot love me as You do.
Nor treat me with tenderness like You.
Are you leading me, or am I following sin?
Are you wanting me to trust, or should my heart give in?

What if it’s merely spring inflaming my inner thoughts?
What if it’s a painful lesson that I can avoid being taught?
What if I’m just impatient on falling in love again?
Couldn’t this be a trap I could avoid falling in?
It’s so hard to know the answer, is it love or lust?
This is where I close my eyes and know I have You to trust.

5-27-1997 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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