Love Was On The Cross

Love is when you’re willing to give to someone else
simply because you would have it no other way.
It’s knowing you would be there for them
No matter what, no matter when, and no matter why.
It’s knowing sometimes you will never gain anything in return,
And instead of regretting, you find comfort
In knowing you never wanted it to begin with.

Love is saying you’re sorry,
even when you have nothing to be sorry about,
Or maybe taking the blame
When it could even cost you your life,
And even if they never care that you existed,
You will always have known you did the right thing
Because you loved them… and still do.

Love is being able to forgive when there is no reason to.
If anything, they may even be so unworthy of acknowledgment
As you pass them by.
But you would never harm them, hurt them, seek revenge,
Or dare bring them despair.
Tears and pain are well too known to you
To ever place them on someone you love.

Love is simply being willing to lay your life on the line…
Or on the Cross.

5-19-18 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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